Saturday, April 4, 2020

Scrapbooking | January & February 2020 Scrapped

The day I visited my parents in January, I couldn't resist snapping a photo of them on their cell phones, which I printed as a 5x7 for this FUN layout.

Journaling reads: Mama & Daddy haven't had their smart phones very long, but they've certainly embraced texting and taking photos and even play games on their phones. They might occasionally make a phone call, too!

When my nephew had confirmed that they could stop by for an overnight visit a few days later, he made sure to pack a few games! After my parents headed home and my (then pregnant) niece-in-law went to bed, my nephew, great-nephew and I stayed up pretty late visiting and playing board games.

There were so many photos from my twin nieces' birthday party a few weeks later that I created a two-page digital layout using a template that allowed me to use many of them.

At the party, Robbie also snapped some FUN photos of me and my older sister. One of the twins edited the best photo, adding the word "sisters" down the left side to camouflage other people in the background and a heart to fill in the space in front of us. I knew this photo deserved a layout of its own!

The topic of this final layout is one that I probably wouldn't have scrapbooked except that it happened on Valentine's Day. Since we have a history of non-traditional Valentine's Days, I couldn't resist creating a quick layout.

As you can see from these layouts (and my previous ones HERE and HERE), we were able to have time with almost every member of my family before the coronavirus shut down nonessential travel!

Who are you glad you had a visit with before the stay-at-home orders began?

Friday, April 3, 2020

Scrapbooking | 2020 Symmetry

Some of you may recognize the following symmetrical layout template from Cathy Zielske's 2017 Design Your Life 2.0 workshop (and my 2017 layout). I combined the bottom two squares on this grid to hold one photo, but I think it still qualifies as symmetrical.

I intended to use the same symmetrical grid design to showcase photos from my niece Natashia's visit; however, I moved the grid and added other elements, which makes the overall design asymmetrical.

I had a layout (cut from a magazine) in my inspiration file that featured a grid with each photo triple matted, and I'm thrilled with how that concept worked on this layout to bring all the colors together.

So, once again, I've completed Week One of the DYL 2.0 workshop ... now, on to Week Two!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Mantels | March 2020

My goal this year is to design a new mantel display each month in a way that will remind us of bits and pieces of our wonderful life...and share those stories here on the blog.

March's display has a spring-is-on-the-way theme and features greens and browns. 

The centerpiece of the mantel this month is a bronze framed view of the Lord's supper that belonged to my Grandma. I have no idea where it came from or how long she had it. I chose this piece as a reminder that Easter is on the way. I added a couple of origami scrapbooks in front of it to help balance the colors in this display.

I included a stack of favorite children's books (and Stacy Julian's The Big Picture) with green covers. The ten commandments plaque was a gift we received from a friend when we moved into our current home, and you may remember the wooden candle stand (that Robbie made) from our January display.

Those wonderful Planet of the Apes figures are from Robbie's collectibles. Cornelius is standing atop a box (that my friend Becky picked up as a gift for us from Kenya) getting ready to test a paper airplane, while Zira seems to be taking notes. The framed Marriage Blessing was a gift from my parents when we married 18+ years ago, and that gorgeous green vase belonged to Robbie's grandparents.

We're really enjoying this relatively clean and simple display. It's like the fresh earth beginning to green up, awaiting the many colors of springtime.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

FREE Classes & Resources

With so many people spending more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's been awesome to see several ministries and businesses offering free classes and resources for scrapbooking, papercrafting, illustrated Bible journaling and Bible study. Check out all these opportunities for study and creativity!

Scrapbooking & Papercrafting

Ten Tips for Better Type E-Course
Cathy Zielske has invited anyone who wants to join a free pass to take her Ten Tips for Better Type e-course. This class covers the very basics of typography, a subject that has been a passion of Cathy's for years. She says, "I hope this can offer a distraction to anyone who needs one. I want to offer something to this crafty community and I realize learning about type is not going to change the world or the current state of affairs, but it might just stop one lovely scrapbooker from putting two spaces after a period." Click HERE to sign up.

Project Class Bundle
Ali Edwards is offering "something special to help you pass the time and find inspiration." The Project Class Bundle includes 4 mini how-to classes (Love You Because, Day In The Life™, I Am Tag Book, and Book Of Joy). Click HERE to sign up & use the code LEARNMORE to get it free.
Story Starters Scrapbooking Class
Crafty Jen Schow is offering her Story Starters class free. Click HERE to sign up for this self-paced class designed to help us share meaningful stories.

Traveler's Notebook Class
Layle Koncor of Layle By Mail is offering a free 2-part online Traveler's Notebook Class with prerecorded videos on YouTube - the first one is today (March 21) and the second is next Saturday (March 28). Check out the details HERE.

Illustrated Bible Journaling

The Proverbs 31 Woman 4-Part Devotional Series & Video Tutorial
Click HERE to access my devotional series on the Proverbs 31 Woman. There are four audio files and four pdf files that can be downloaded. The Happy Homemaker video tutorial mentioned in the second audio is on YouTube HERE. This is a series I created a couple of years ago for my newsletter subscribers.

LBH Faith Friends Bible Journaling Facebook Group
This free group was formed by Tracy Pounds of The Little Blue House as a place to share our passion for Bible Journaling and draw inspiration and encouragement from one another. We are connected through our Faith and this Creative form of Worship...Join in and let's be a blessing to one another!  This month's Faith Friends Meet-Up was online & can be viewed HERE.  Click on the Videos link in the group for additional Bible journaling tutorials.

Bible Study

Online Bible Studies from LifeWay Women
LifeWay Women online Bible studies is offering free access to teaching videos for eleven studies until June 18. They also have the accompanying eBooks for just $5 each until March 31. However, you don't have to purchase a workbook to enjoy the free videos!

I'm currently working through the Lifeway 20/20 Bible Study, hoping to watch the Faith Friends MeetUp video this weekend, and looking forward to the Traveler's Notebook Class today.

If you know of other free resources/classes being offered during this time of international crisis, please share about them in the comments.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Scrapbooking | 2012 - The First Half

Some of you may remember that I finished up our 2011 chronological albums last year, which led to my focus on 2012 scrapbooking as this year began. Honestly, I already had a lot of layouts completed for 2012 because I did a ton of scrapbooking due to taking online classes, coaching in the Finding Photo Freedom workshop, and being part of our (not-so) local scrapbook store's design team for several years.

So, my goal for our 2012 chronological albums is to organize the layouts I've already created, review the remaining photos and memorabilia I have on hand, and add any stories or memories I haven't yet captured to complete these albums. I've already worked my way through the first half of the year!

Some of the additional layouts simply showcased photos of: 

people we love, 

places we went,

performances we enjoyed,

and sporting events we attended.

A few pages added to previously completed layouts about about our travels:

for a weekend getaway

and an out-of-state trip.

And some layouts were added to record stories about:

how Daddy's broken arm was NOT an April Fool's joke,

the new friends I made at the first unofficial BPC crop I hosted here in Texas,

and what a great time it was,

and the legend that Jesse James died in 1951 (not 1882) and is in fact buried in Granbury, Texas! 

I'm so excited to have this first half of 2012 completed and am already making progress organizing layouts and photos and memorabilia to complete the last half of that year! Do you still have photos and memories from 2012 to scrap?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Scrapbooking | 2020 Asymmetry

Along with the monthly "by the numbers" layouts I'm creating this year, I'll be using a combination of traditional, hybrid and digital pages in our 2020 chronological scrapbook. Cathy Zielske's Design Your Life 2.0 workshop (which I did not complete back in the summer of 2017 and is still available as a self-paced workshop) provides instructions for all these types of layouts, so I decided to review those materials for inspiration as I scrap these first few months of the year.

I used the asymmetrical layout assignment as the basis for a layout documenting Robbie's trip to India in mid-January (before the initial reports of the coronavirus outbreak). I juxtaposed three photos from the hotel he stayed in with the view out the window of his room.

Robbie's journaling reads: I traveled to India (on business) for the first time at the end of January 2020. I flew into New Delhi (at 1:30am local time) and I actually stayed in Noida for the majority of my week-long visit. Even arriving so late (early?) at the airport, it was extremely crowded! While India is a beautiful country, I didn’t really get to see too much of it as the urban sprawl is even worse than here in the metroplex; traffic was HORRENDOUS and the air quality, due to constant smog, was very bad and visibility (even on a sunny day) was quite limited as a result. I stayed at a Radisson a few miles from where I was conducting business meetings; the hotel itself was very nice and the service was absolutely top-notch! The food was terrific and everyone there was extremely accommodating and very helpful. The opulence of the hotel itself, however, was in stark contrast to the surrounding area, because as soon as you moved off the hotel property (which was gated and guarded 24/7) the immediate area was extremely run-down, dirty, and made you feel like you were in an entirely different location. Regardless, I never felt ‘unsafe’, but I did find it slightly unnerving when I realized that the property guards at the hotel would check my Uber for explosives whenever I arrived back at the hotel! All in all, it was a decent experience for my first time to India – even under the guise of a business trip. Perhaps a return trip sometime down the road would be in order to better experience the country, its culture, and its people?

Right before this page in our album, I added a 6x12 page protector: the front holds memorabilia (airline tickets, hotel key cards, etc) from his January travels and the back showcases the view out his hotel windows in New York City and Boston. Fortunately, he has not had to travel since January, and his company has recently mandated that meetings be conducted virtually as we deal with the coronavius pandemic.

This asymmetrical design also worked well for a digital layout (using Cathy's page template from the DYL 2.0 class) highlighting a few photos from Daddy's birthday in early February.

As you can see, for the paper layout about India, I simply adapted Cathy's template/sketch to work with the photos and Robbie's journaling. I really like this design - you can see the pages I previously created with this layout digitally HERE and traditionally HERE.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

OLW 2020 | Health Vision Boards

When I chose my one little word for this year (HEALTH), I envisioned slowly making changes to grow and improve my physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational health. It's definitely been a slow, although good, start to the year. (Of course, the introduction of the COVID-19 virus has made my word even more relevant!)

I'm participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop, although I'm not creating an album this year. Instead, I'm using the blank pages in my 2020 Planner as I complete or adapt the prompts each month.

As always, January was the time to define our word and plans for the year. 

February was all about vision boards, and I ended up creating three different spreads in my planner. This first one is obviously focused on healthy eating.

The second one is more focused on overall and emotional health.

And the final one has more of a spiritual focus.

Each week as I plan out my schedule and activities, I flip through these pages and love having the visual reminders of my focus for the year.

Are you participating in the OLW class this year? Did you create a vision board (or three)?