Friday, September 10, 2010

Healthy Living Weekly Post: Excuses to Avoid Exercise

This past week has been a good one for me as I continue working toward a healthier lifestyle. My primary focus for September is getting back into the habit of exercising regularly. My goal for each week is to ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes five days, complete a 30 minute strength training routine three days, and go for a walk or bike ride or other outdoor activity one day. This past week I accomplished all of these goals. I am riding the stationary bike on level one (the "easiest" as far as pedaling is concerned) and have been averaging a little over 10 1/2 miles each day. I used ten pound weights for my strength training routine twice and the third time this week I used the ten pound and twelve pound weights, first set with the 10 pound and the second set with the 12 pound. [Next week I'll outline what I do for this 30 minute routine which really includes strength training, flexibility, and stability exercises.] Overall I did well on my eating this past week. I am not tracking what I eat and drink right now as I want to focus on re-establishing my exercise habit. In October, I will be focusing more closely on what I eat.

As promised in last week's Healthy Living Post, here are some excuses that I have used to avoid exercise:

General Excuses for Any Type of Exercise
1. I don't feel like changing into my exercise clothes then having to change back into my everyday clothes. (I have used this excuse even on days that I will be home all day!)
2. I haven't finished everything else on my to-do list yet.
3. It's too late in the day now and exercising will keep me awake.
4. I just don't feel like it!

Excuses for Outdoor Exercise
5. It's too hot.
6. It's too cold.
7. It's raining.
8. It's snowing. (OK, I admit this one can only be used one or two days a year here in the Dallas area!)
9. It's too windy.
10. There's too much pollen in the air.
11. We are on an orange air quality alert.

Excuses for Indoor Exercise
12. I need to vacuum the carpet before I do floor exercises.
13. An exercise tape/DVD might disturb Robbie while he is studying. (Even though it is in a different room and entirely different section of the house!)
14. I don't want to be off in the other room instead of in here hanging out with Robbie.
15. We have company coming later (today, this week, this month) and I don't want to get my exercise equipment out.

My Favorite Excuse
16. I am inspired to scrap a layout and really need to act on the inspiration right away!

Have you used any of these excuses? Do you have other excuses that you use?

I love this quote shared by Lisa Cohen in the Wellness Journey workshop: "Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity." - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

After this past week of regular exercise, I must say "watch out for my dynamic and creative intellectual activity!" :>) No more excuses!

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  1. Congrats on a good exercise week! I've used all those excuses at one time or another. I've settled on just doing it first thing. Period. I also need to include some strength training, hopefully will work that in soon.


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