Friday, November 5, 2010

Healthy Living Weekly Post: Holiday Season Plans

I am excited to report that I have completed ten weeks of making healthy lifestyle choices! As I mentioned in last week's post, today I want to share with you my plans for the next two months. With Thanksgiving only three weeks away and Christmas a mere 50 days from today, I am looking forward to celebrating these holidays, getting together with friends and family, enjoying many festivities, and, yes, eating some of my favorite seasonal foods.

My basic healthy living plan for now until the end of the year is to MAINTAIN:
*maintain my exercise routine - 3 times a week strength training and 5 times a week stationary bike ride
*maintain my healthy eating - continue to include fresh fruits & vegetables, eat smaller portions, limit sweets
*maintain my commitment to not drinking a Coca-Cola out of habit or for solace
*maintain the emotional, relational and spiritual habits conducive to a healthy lifestyle (next week I'll share more with you about some of these areas that I believe are just as important to a healthy lifestyle as exercise and healthy eating)

However, I also plan to be realistic and enjoy the holidays and some of my favorite foods. Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day I am not going to be tracking what I eat and drink nor will I be squeezing in an exercise session. For other special events, I will be conscious of my eating habits and exercise leading up to the event. For example, I know that at our annual ladies ornament exchange the table will be filled with many tempting (probably high calorie, sugar-filled) dishes. I also know that I will want to sample most of them. This event is in the evening, so I will make an extra effort to eat small portions of healthy foods leading up to the event as well as ensuring that I get my scheduled exercise routine in for that day. I will NOT skip meals or snacks leading up to that evening because I personally think that just leads to low blood sugar and more overeating at the event. So, that evening I will enjoy/indulge without guilt and the next day be right back on track.

By just maintaining my current routines and not making any additional changes during this busy time I year, I believe I have a better chance of continuing the lifestyle changes I have been making. As the beginning of the year, I will evaluate where I am and where I want to go. I am so excited that Lisa Cohen's online Wellness  Journey Workshop will begin on December 30 at Big Picture Classes. I took this two-month workshop at the  beginning of this year and learned a lot from the materials as well as received motivation from other classmates. The course content includes information on different exercise routines, new recipes, and resources about other aspects of healthy living. I am planning to sign up for this workshop and really delve into the material in order to move out of maintenance mode, ramp up my exercise routines, and try new healthy foods and recipes.

How about you? What is your plan for healthy living over the holiday season?


  1. I think you are right - maintaining over the holidays is a realistic goal! I never really expect to lose much, just not gain too much!

  2. Well done you! I am trying to make healthier lifestyle choices but not always being successful :( I will check out the workshop you mention.

  3. You have a great plan in place Melissa! I too plan to sign up for my second round of "Wellness Journey". Just waiting to hear back from Kayce - there is a good chance they will be offering an alumni discount (because I asked and both Stacy and Kayce said they would work on it!).


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