Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Clutter Countdown Week 16

Christmas countdown banner

I planned the menu for our family get-together and Christmas Day as well as which item I wanted to make and take for other special events this month. Got all my Christmas cards mailed. I had purchased cards and I wrote a personal note in each card, then Robbie and I both signed them. One package of cards had very pretty envelopes, but the others were plain so I stamped a Christmas picture on those.

We watched a few more of our Christmas movies: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, The House Without a Christmas Tree, and Family Man. Also started working on our Christmas puzzles; we like to be working on one on the big table throughout the holiday season. We finished one of Santa Claus in his train workshop and have started a winter snow scene.I shopped a little more for gifts for Robbie plus picked up birthday gifts for my Mama and my great-nephew.

This week's focus was on the guest room or office. Our guest room is in good shape and my office and craft room are the same, so I completed it earlier in the countdown. However, the guest room closet really needed some work. First, I moved all "my" stuff to the extra space in the exercise room closet since it was already organized. I made sure I only moved the items I wanted to keep and that really belonged in that closet with my teacher supplies, archived paperwork, and old photography equipment (slide projector, reel to reel player, etc). Now it's time to organize "Robbie's" stuff, which is filling three-fourths of the closet space from floor to ceiling. This will be an ongoing project, but at least we made a start.

Can you believe it's only 18 days until Christmas!


  1. The only XX days to Christmas is scaring me! Love that you are so organised and hope clearing Robbie's stuff moves forward apace!

  2. We love "Christmas Vacation" - it just seems to get funnier every time you watch it. We usually put it on when we are decorating the tree. That'll be at the weekend. Hurrah!


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