Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dallas Zoo

Finished the last layout from my early 2008 storage binder this week while I was waiting for the ice to melt so it would be safe to venture out. I used a sketch from the Double Up series at Get It Scrapped! I really like these two page sketches because they include measurements for the photos. I turned both pages of this sketch 90 degrees because the majority of my photos were landscape. The title and subtitle are pieces I cut from the map of the zoo.

This is actually the third layout I've made with photos from that day at the zoo, so I triaged the remaining photos into my LOM category drawers. Several went behind the Places We've Been/Zoo tab, one behind the Family & Friends/Natashia tab, and one behind the All About Us/Together Forever tab.


  1. Lovely, Melissa :-) I like the use of animal print paper!

  2. I know I already said it, but I am so impressed with how well you are working your LOM system! Great layout!

  3. Looks like Dallas has a great zoo! I'm like you and have way more landscape shots than vertical ones - great way to adapt the sketch!

  4. Yes, it's cool to actually see the LOM system really working.

    I so need to get into the habit of taking more vertical pictures!


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