Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Review - June Preview

Wow, it certainly seems like the month of May flew by and here we are in June already. I only had a few cards to create for June which I finished very early in May, but waited to share them until today so the birthday girls will have already received them. These cards were inspired by a link to inspiration on the Studio Calico blog provided by May Flaum in the May with May workshop.

May Review
*11 layouts - 1 was digital, 1 was 8 1/2x11, the rest were 12x12
*1 mini-album - Dawn's 50th Surprise Party 6x6 album
*3 cards
*2 art journal pages

I participated in BPC's Creative Crop on National Scrapbook Day and tried my hand at a couple of Shimelle's Scrapbooking Day challenges as well. I completed Shimelle's Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers class, the BPC May with May workshop, and Kim Klassen's Photoshop Skinny Mini eCourse. I also enjoyed participating in the Familyx12 Blog Hop and the Lighten Up Blog Hop.

June Preview
*create cards for July
*create yellow layouts to play along with Brenda's quilting
*coach in the Finding Photo Freedom workshop

That certainly seems like a short list for June, however it will be a very full month as my nieces have their summer visits scheduled and have already sent me the lists of things they want to do while visiting Aunt Melissa & Uncle Robbie. (bike riding, ice skating, playing games, baking cupcakes & cookies, going to the library, reading, playing at the park, etc) I totally love these visits and afterwards I have lots of new photos to scrap!

What are your plans for June? Anyone else have family visits planned for the summer?


  1. June means schools out soon. But we're not in full summer mode quite yet, so I hope to enjoy some quiet crafting days with my girls!

  2. June means I will be outside more and enjoying our lovely long days with family and friends. I swear my appreciation for Green has increased about 100 fold - with our long winter this year I'm just taking it all in :) PS. Your cards are pretty!

  3. Another successful month for you! :)

    June will be fairly 'ordinary' for us - this week is half term, then we're all back to school till nearly the end of July. Then of course we'll be off to LA for August! Excitement!!

  4. Such pretty cards Melissa. So far, I'm off to the UK for ten days and when I come back DD and one of her friends are here for a you, hopefully, lots of photo-ops!
    Alison xx

  5. Melissa, June is the start of winter for us so there will be no big holidays or special visits. That being said, two young people have their birthdays this month so it will still be busy!

  6. You sound like such a fun uncle and aunt to visit :)

    June is our month for end of the school year concerts and so on. And then after that we are looking forward to our summer trip.

  7. ummm June... well - I plan to rebuild my computer to the point that maybe i'll actually be able to participate in Photo Freedom... get my kids through the end of the school year... help hubby hunt for employment... I have a feeling I'm headed into overwhelm!

  8. I love how you set goals! I really should hang out with you more!! Definitely will be doing more bike riding since we are riding across Missouri in July. I want to paint several rooms in my house and do a little redecorating. Sewing is always on the list.

  9. Looks like May was very productive for you! I'm sure being a coach for Photo Freedom will keep you busy in June, too. My plans for June include finishing my teaching and getting into a summer routine, plus it's our 30th Anniversary this month!

  10. Looks like you got a lot done! I know how fun it is to have the kids many great photo ops! :) I'm going to Orlando for a short trip and other than that, keeping my fingers crossed that a buyer comes along for my house. That's all I'm hoping for!


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