Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Passing The Book

Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration: In the Studio and Behind the Scenes with Extraordinary Women

It's been a busy and fun week around here so far with my 6-year-old twin nieces visiting. I decided to have them help me choose the next recipient of Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration as I Pass the Book that originated with Sian almost a year ago. I had each of the twins choose a small number, added them up, and came up with Natashia (the last commentor) as a winner.

I thought that maybe I should do something a little more definitive since they had unknowingly chosen their sister and mom to receive the book. (They actually had no idea why I wanted them to choose a number, but I wanted to be fair.) So, I wrote all the names on little slips of paper and then double folded them so the name was not visible. One of the girls drew a name, opened it, and looked at me with a questioning look when she read "Natashia." Now their curiosity was stirred and they asked what it was all about. So, I told them that Natashia had won a prize, which they thought was pretty cool.

I must tell you, though, that to be fair they then took turns drawing all the names and reading them (or having me read them really) because they wanted everyone to win a prize! Sweet girls, aren't they. Too bad I only have one book to pass on because I would love to share the inspiration with everyone (you can see how the book inspired me here), but for now the book will be off to Natashia and Brenda. I'll be hand delivering it when I take the girls home on Saturday.

To read more about Pass the Book and find out where all the books are, click here.


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