Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Review - July Preview

June Review
*3 layouts
*2 tag mini-albums - Paige & Laurie's 2011 Summer Visit
   (I'll share these soon!)
*1 Photo Album Scrapbook - Summer Trips 2001
   (I'll share this soon, too!)
*3 flower topiaries
*1 altered clipboard

During June, I was also busy coaching in the Finding Photo Freedom workshop, and I participated in the Familyx12 Blog Hop, the Lighten Up Blog Hop, Sian's Storytelling Sunday, and Shimelle's Ten on the Tenth.

July Preview
*create cards for July & August
*create June yellow & July red, white & blue layouts to play along with Brenda's quilting
*continue coaching in the Finding Photo Freedom workshop
*participate in The Mother LOAD workshop

As you can see from the list above, I'm a little behind on some of the things I wanted to complete in June (July cards & yellow layouts), however I'm looking forward to getting in some scrapping over the next few weeks and am planning to complete those items anyway (better late than never, right?).

One of the projects that I was thrilled to complete this past month was a Photo Album Scrapbook of the trips I took in the summer of 2001. I used the same type photo album as the ones I used for Pun'kin's 2007-2010 Visits and Paige & Laurie's 2008-2010 Visits. All three of these albums reside in the Guest Room where they were thoroughly perused over the past three weeks (we had guests 15 of the past 21 days!).


  1. You have had a busy time Melissa...well done on getting so many projects done!
    Alison xx

  2. Busy month! And busy summer too. I am intrigued by the LOAD idea but there is just too much going on for me. I know I wouldn't be able to devote the time to it so I had to skip. Congrats on finishing up another photo album scrapbook. Sounds like your guests love them! :)

  3. You have been so busy I'm surprised and delighted that you got any scrapbooking done at all :)

  4. You have accomplished so much this month. And your a wonderful coach at LOM!

  5. I bet it is fun to list your monthly accomplishments! Me, I'm currently taking 4 classes, which is a bit crazy, but I'm enjoying every one of them!

  6. Well, I certainly understand about being behind, but I think you've been very productive!


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