Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yearly Goals Check In

At the beginning of the year, I set some goals for myself and decided that this half year mark would be a good time to evaluate how I'm doing and if any of those goals have (or should be) changed.

Scrapbooking Goals
I've done ok on the goals I set for myself in January, but I must admit that my goals changed a little along the way. I had originally planned not to buy any new supplies or online classes for six months, however I did purchase some supplies (not nearly as much as in the past) and I have taken a few online classes (again not as many as I wanted to). Once Robbie went back to work in early May, I decided to go ahead and take The Mother LOAD class at BPC, even though it began in the middle of Finding Photo Freedom. I had not set a goal to coach in the Finding Photo Freedom workshop, however I really enjoy my Library of Memories system and emailed Stacy early in the year about coaching and was pleasantly surprised to get the opportunity to be involved in such a great class! I've also completed two of the four mini-albums that I had on my list for this year, so all in all I'm pleased with my scrapbooking goals.

One thing extra that I added was creating color pages each month to play along with my sister Brenda as she uses her quilt scraps each month. June was extremely busy, but I am determined to create at least one layout for each color. So, today I sat down and created this June Yellow layout to highlight one of my favorite photos of my twin nieces from our family get-together this past December.

My goal for the year is to read 100 books: currently I've read 37, so I'm a little behind on this goal. I also planned to be more consistent with including book reviews of the books I've read. If you click on the link to the Books Read page (at the top of the page right under my banner), you will find a list of the books I've read with links to my reviews. So far, I've included reviews for 29 of the books I've read and will be sharing some with you very soon.

I am currently re-reading all the Harry Potter books in anticipation of the opening of the final movie on July 15th.

So far, I have not even begun any of the three items on my organizing goals list for the year. In all honesty, until Robbie began his new job eight weeks ago, I had no motivation to do anything here due to the fact that we might have to move if he found a job somewhere else. I am totally excited that we are staying here and still plan to tackle the guest room closet, book inventory, and garage attic space before the end of the year.

Healthy Living Goals
In some ways, I am doing well with my healthy living goals for the year and in other ways I'm off track. I exercised fairly regularly for several months, then barely did anything for several weeks. I eat healthy some weeks and other times I just crave (and cave in to) a Snickers candy bar. My desire and motivation to live a healthy lifestyle continue and I'll just keep plugging along and reporting my progress on Fridays (yes, I've missed a few Fridays lately with the busyness of life!).

I also declared one New Year's resolution this year - "to draw closer to the Lord and follow His guidance in my life." While this is not quite a measurable goal, I feel that I have done a good job this year in my efforts to draw closer to the Lord. I have been consistent with my daily quiet time (I still miss a day here and there), I'm on track with my Read-Through-The-Bible-In-A-Year plan, we attend church regularly, I completed a three day fast in preparation for the Bible study I taught on the book of Esther, and this month I am teaching pre-school Children's Church each Sunday morning. Most of these things are simply the activities that are helping me stay focused on my resolution, the real success is inside me.

How about you? Did you set goals or make resolutions for this year? How are you doing with them?


  1. Nice idea to do a mid-year goal check-up. Looks like you're truckin' along. It must be nice to have the uncertainty of moving or not finally settled. I certainly wouldn't feel lik eorganizing either if I was just going to have to pack everything up!

  2. looking back on my goals I'm feeling quite good. I've lost over a stone and I'm exercising a lot more and I'm on track with my book goal. Unfortunately the house isn't as tidy and organised as I planned!

  3. Many congratulations on having the courage to look back and measure progress: many of us might procrastinate! My only goal was to survive the chaos, and so far, so good. :)

  4. Well done main goal was to drop two dress sizes and I've achieved that- and trying to lose another stone,so I am pleased. I had also hoped to 'unravel'PSE, but haven't got that far!
    Alison xx

  5. well done with your goals! I'm definately thinking of re-assessing how I set goals for myself in the future, I quite often forget to see if I've achieved them, which misses the point of setting them in the first place!


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