Friday, August 5, 2011

August Familyx12 Blog Hop

If you've arrived here from Margie's blog - Welcome! If you're a regular, so glad to "see" you! For this month's Familyx12 Blog Hop, I'm sharing our family photos from June & July as I continue my goal of getting at least one photo of Robbie & me together each month this year. We actually had several photos of us together for each of the past two months, and I had a difficult time choosing. So, I'm sharing two photos from each month.

Most of our photos are posed since we have to ask someone to take our photo, so I'm excited to share this fun shot that my niece took during her visit in June.

And here's one a few days later, enjoying a hamburger on our back patio.

Here we are fixin' to enjoy a huge slice of cake in honor of my Grandma's birthday in July. (Robbie claims that he's not "fixin'" to do anything, unless it involves repairing something. In true southern fashion, however, I am always fixin' to do something!)

And lest you think all we do is eat and play games, here's a shot I took using the self-timer. Obviously, we have to prepare all that food we eat sometime!

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Here's the complete list in case you get lost along the way!
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Carol Anne
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  1. Great set of photos! Love the variety and that piece of cake looks so good. I might just have to bake something today. ;)

  2. What a fun set of photos, it's good sometimes to be in front of the camera feather than be the one taking the shots

  3. Great set of photos. I am playing along with the blog hop this month (just forgot to email Margie in time - oops!) Please pop by and say hi.

  4. I love them! Such fun photos! You should try the self-timer sometime while the two of you are doing an activity together. I've been trying to do that more often, though it is easier said than done because it can be a challenge to find a good place to put the camera that will capture the action and I hate pulling out my tripod. Thanks so much for playing along again.

  5. Love this project - it makes a good record. My fave photo is of the two of you on the floor playing cards - is it Uno?

  6. We're actually playing Skip-Bo in that photo with the cards - family favorite whenever anyone is visiting.

  7. Great photos Melissa! my favorite is the first one - I have to try to remember to get the non-posed shots too. Nice that you had a guest to hand the camera over to!

  8. Melissa, loved your photo you playing the cards.... with that robot is really fun! Enjoyed all the photos!

  9. These are such lovely relaxed shots Melissa. Very enjoyable :)

  10. What a great bunch of photos with lots of great looking food! That cake looks amazing! I love how you always look so happy in all the photos with your huge smile!

  11. What fun pictures. That neice of your sure is a good shot isn't she.

  12. Your niece got a great shot Melissa, it's fantastic! And, you'd need at least two to get through that slice of cake - it looks utterly delicious!


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