Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ten on the Tenth - Pass the Book:Year Two

Ten Things You Should Know About
Pass the Book:Year Two

1. It is going to be FUN!

2. It all started with Sian sending out a book each month for the past year. Most of those books are still circulating, so be sure to check out her Pass the Book page for updates on when those books become available for the next reader.

3. Year Two starts this month - I'll be passing the first book next week.

4. I'll choose a book each month and post about it here on my blog. If you'd like a chance to receive the book, leave a comment on that post. I'll pick a winner, announce it on my blog, and send the book on its way.

5. Anyone with an active blog is welcome to participate, books can be shipped around the world.

6. If you are the chosen recipient of the book, please email me your address & watch the mail for a fun package. Please enjoy the book, then post to pass it on, asking who would like to enjoy it next.

7.There is no requirement to review the book. This project is about sharing and making contact with the next person in the link, getting inspiration from the book - if you have time to make something or take a photo inspired by what you have read, that is wonderful (please share). If, when you receive the book you discover it's not really for you,  think about who it would appeal to and write your post with them in mind. Pick out its good points, make it sound appealing! After about a week, draw a name, tell us and then mail the book off with a nice postcard saying hello.

8. When posting about Pass the Book:Year Two, please refer your readers back to the Pass the Book:Year Two page on my blog for all the information they need and please let me know whose name you draw so that I can keep the Pass the Book page updated with the latest information.

9. Writing in the books is ok, even encouraged. You may see my notes or ideas in the margins, feel free to add your own.

10. Books will travel for one year and then return "home" here to Texas.

BONUS: It is going to be FUN (did I mention that already!)?

(To see more Ten Things posts, check out Shimelle's blog here.)


  1. Such a cool idea!

  2. I can't wait to see what you choose:) Hurray for Year Two!

  3. So looking forward to seeing what you've chosen, Melissa!
    Alison xx

  4. Am looking forward to it,Melissa.
    One suggestion...choose books that aren't too heavy....posting overseas can be very expensive!!!

  5. Can't wait to see what books you choose Melissa!

  6. never heard of this~ what a cool idea~sharing books.

  7. Briliant idea, I didnt realise it was international, will definitely look out for it.

  8. Glad you are carrying on - can't wait to see what's up first!

  9. Yay! I can't wait to see what you pick Melissa :)

  10. Oh my gosh, this sounds like fun! I love to read! I'll be checking for sure to see what you pick.

  11. So glad there will be a Year Two and that you are carrying on the tradition started by Sian. Just got my own copy of Blogging for Bliss and am savoring each page.

  12. Hooray for you Melissa - this is such an awesome project that it's great to see it having a 2nd year!