Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LOAD Day 14

Today's LOAD prompt encouraged us to stamp on our layouts. I chose this sketch from Elle's Studio Sketch Thursday series as the inspiration for my layout. I started with a really fun pink & yellow background paper, so this layout went together very quickly.

I used a Happy Birthday stamp for the title and a gift box stamp randomly to add to the fun of the background paper. 

It's amazing to me that my twin nieces are already six and a half years old and I'm just now scrapping the photos of their 2nd birthday gifts! Of course, that's why I enjoy scrapbooking non-chronologically - no one really knows if I'm "caught up" or "behind" because I just scrap whatever inspires me on any particular day.

One of this week's prompts in the LSNED class encouraged us to watch for those lessons that we learn the hard way. This week I've learned that if the old tile mortar won't come off the bathroom floor easily and the contractor decides to grind and sand it off, it's best to have everything (EVERYTHING!) covered in plastic. If not, your bathroom will look like this . . .

and if by chance they also don't put anything to block the dust, the bedroom might also collect enough dust to fill a pot hole!

That's the basic lesson . . . but the other lesson is that it is OK on days like that to sit down and have a cold Coca-Cola (even if you've already had your one for the day!) and remind yourself that truly it is just dust and it can be cleaned!! It will take a lot of cleaning (and a few more Coca-Colas), but in the whole scheme of things it's just dust!


  1. Another great layout, and I can certainly relate to the construction dust!

  2. I love all the pink and pops of yellow on your layout! It must be so much fun to have little girls to scrap. Like your attitude about the dust. A mess like that might tempt me to have a drink of something a little stronger than Coke!

  3. Ooh, that is a lot of dust! I bet that coke was very soothing to the throat on a very dusty day.

    I always love to see your pages about your family. They always brighten my day

  4. I'm another that can fully relate to construction dust. Such a lovely bright layout

  5. The pink and yellow is so good with those photos! And I bet it was a nice change on the eyes after the dust, of which I have many ugh! memories from this time last year during our own renovations. It will go, eventually!

  6. Love that bright LO....and I'm another one who remembers renovation gets into places that you didn't even know WERE places!
    Alison xx

  7. You said it - that's exactly why I love scrapbooking non-chrono. Caught up? Behind? Who knows! :) And I had a coca-cola day this week too. Totally stressed and I just needed it. Some days, it's better to have a Coke than to do something else more destructive. Like eat a box of chocolates or something. Hope the renovations are done soon so you can clean and get back to normal. Have a great weekend!

  8. Great layout, but oh, what a lot of dust! Hope you are soon all sorted out.

  9. What a happy fun layout. And dust, oh the dust, you'll be surprised to see dust on surfaces you didn't know could collect does - vertical ones not just horizontal ones. I feel your pain (still)!


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