Saturday, September 3, 2011

LOAD Day 3 - That Eating Place

When the twins were visiting this past summer, we were talking about how many days they would stay here and Laurie asked, "then are we gonna meet Mom at that eating place?" She was referring to Cracker Barrel, where I pick the girls up for their visit. I realized that I'd never scrapped that story and thought it was perfect for today's LOAD prompt.

During one of the early weeks of The Mother LOAD workshop, one of the assignments was to create four small bags of embellishments - four embellishments per bag. Today's prompt was to grab a bag and create a layout. Here's what I had in my bag number 1.

I pulled two photos that I'd taken at "that eating place" this summer and a couple of kid's menus that I'd saved in my Memorabilia File from a few summers ago and came up with this layout.

Journaling reads: I often scrap about visits from our nieces, but there's another story that centers around me & Brenda (& occasionally Robbie & Michael) - getting them here! This feat involves phone calls for planning, checking schedules, deciding on a meeting time, driving to Cracker Barrel in Conroe (or Tyler on occasion), loading and unloading of suitcases & bags & bicycles & car seats & quilts & anything else the girls "need." It seems each year there are more bags and bigger bikes, but one thing remains constant - we always meet at "that eating place!"

The Learn Something New Every Day class prompts are reminding me to look for the lessons I learn each day. Today's lesson is not to forget the "behind the scenes" stories that go with all the fun things we do each year!

Anyone else have a "behind the scenes" story you haven't scrapped? Something that is so routine for every vacation or holiday or event that you haven't thought to include it?


  1. What a fun page! Looks like you are having fun with LOAD!

  2. Great Layout. I am so glad you were finally able to share our side of the story.

  3. Love that you included the memorabilia with the layout. Good job Melissa on keeping up with LOAD and LSNED :)

  4. great LO...and you are right about remembering the behind-the-scenes stories!
    Alison xx

  5. Love how you are combining LOAD and LSNED! We love "that eating place", too. Our son called it the "Crackle Barrel" when he was little!


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