Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pass the Book:Year Two - Raw Art Journaling

I have to admit that until this past week I have not truly delved into art journaling. Last November, I chose a composition book to use as an art journal, added some printed cover art from Jessica Sprague, and created a dedication page. (You can see the journal here.) And then it sat for a while several months before I finally added a few pages to it this past spring. I created a couple of collage style pages and one page with stamping and coloring.

Along the way, I also glued in some Mail Art envelopes & cards I've received - an idea I saw on Cheri's blog several months ago. However, this past week I pulled out my Art Journal and create three pages inspired by September's book for Pass the Book:Year Two!

Raw Art Journaling by Quinn McDonald contains numerous ideas for art journal pages as well as step-by-step instructions. One idea that really caught my attention was "Found Poetry." The book discussed two types of "found poetry" - one created from cutting words from one page of a magazine and one created from words on the page of a book. For the first one, I pulled a page out of an old TV magazine (from the 1960s) and clipped words that seemed to go together. I adhered them to my page, then doddled around the "poem" as I tried out several of the markers in my stash to see if they were still good. As you can tell from the faded lines, many of these markers then ended up in the trash.

"Poem" reads:
the dream
a new life
a smile
a gold mine of happiness
a song
more singing

Next, I pulled a page from a Little House on the Prairie book and circled words to create an original "poem."

I then colored over the remaining words using a Crayola Slick Stix. (Every year at Christmas Robbie buys me the latest and greatest Crayola product!) I adhered the page in my Art Journal and filled in rest of the page with Slick Stixs.

"Poem" reads:
Saturday morning walking to see the greeny-gold wonderful country and sunshine streaming.
the sun went out, the light changed.

There were also examples of drawing words and lines and frames, so I tried my hand at a page simply using colored pencils. This page reflects how I've been feeling with the bathroom renovation and everything from the bathroom & closet scattered throughout the house!
I may not win any awards for the best or most creative Art Journal pages, but I must admit that I enjoyed trying out some new ideas. These few pages were inspired by just a handful of the many ideas for art journal pages presented in this interesting book, which I am ready to pass on for one of you to enjoy and find inspiration from. You can learn all about how Pass the Book: Year Two works by clicking here.

If you'd like a chance to be the first recipient of Raw Art Journaling by Quinn McDonald, please leave a comment telling me whether or not you have an Art Journal (or two or three) and how long you've been creating Art Journal pages. I'll pick a name and announce the first recipient of this book next Thursday.


  1. Please enter me in the draw. I'm always looking for new art journaling ideas!
    And thanks for being this year's hostess.

  2. how fun! I do not have an art journal. I have always been intrigued by them & impressed by those who keep them. My journals just contain words. Boring!

  3. Great choice Melissa! You have been very productive with your art journaling and they all look great! Please count me in for the pass the book.

  4. sounds like a great book! I have a journal that I have painted some pages in, but I haven't actually done anything more than that - I am too intimidated I might make a "mistake"

  5. Great start to your pass the book year - I would love to be included in the draw. Really good idea of how to check your felt pens rather than just scribbling on a page :)

  6. I have 1 art journal with things on about 8 pages which I did last year - I need some inspiration to use it again - please include me int he draw

  7. It sounds very intriguing and inspiring! I would love to be included thank you

  8. What a great book! I love your pages especially the 'pen testing'!Please include me in the draw as I have come to a halt with my journal.
    Thankyou :)

  9. I have 3 art journals but like you they've just sat over the summer as I was busy with classes and projects. Thanks for giving me the inspirattion to get back to them!

  10. I haven't been brave enough to enter the world of Art Journalling...perhaps this book might inspire me, as it obviously has you Melissa-love what you've done!
    Alison xx

  11. I'm in awe of you getting into art journalling so well and quickly, if I'm honest it still leaves me confused, although I do want to try. Please don't put my name in the draw, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work

  12. Melissa, I love your pages! This book looks great if it's inspired you to do this :)

    Me, I don't have an art journal; rather, I have a pad of paper that I use for art journal pages, tearing out each page before creating an art journal piece on it. I then keep the pages in little boxes - one for my art journal calendar (which is a bit out of date, oops! Need to add to it!), one for my 52 Lists in 52 Weeks project, and one (so far) for other pages I've created. It's only really the last year that I've been exploring this aspect of creativity though!

    PS I particularly love your found poems, they're fab :)


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