Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Review - November Preview

October Review
*12 layouts - 1 was digital, 6 were two-pages, all were 12x12
*9 cards (see the 2 most recent ones below)
*40 ribbon covered napkin holders
*Blog Activities - October Pass the Book:Year Two, October Familyx12 Blog Hop, Ten on the Tenth, In Good Company Graphic 45 challenge, 2 guest post for Cate's 100 Days Until Christmas Countdown
*Online Classes - Double Take, Library of Memories Community, Pretty Paper Party, Giving Well, Come Away With Me (a free self-paced class at BPC)

A sweet friend brought me some new clear stamps the other day, and I just had to try them out right away on a couple of cards. I can definitely see myself using this butterfly and the hearts often.

November Preview
*Complete all handmade Christmas gifts
*BPC Giving Well workshop
*BPC Library of Memories Community
*Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party
*Prepare Come Away With Me journal
*Create & send Mail Art

Anyone joining me in any (or all) of these classes and projects in November?


  1. WTG Melissa! You're doing great with your goals.

  2. Wow - so productive! I am missing all my crafting time and class time. I've been following along with Shimelle's class, but have not been able to create anything. But at least I have all the inspiration! Cute cards! The stamps look versatile - you'll get tons of use from them! :)

  3. You are one creative lady!

    This year I am hoping to make some Christmas cards - not something I've done before. But I have managed to make a start. Yet. Best of luck with your creative goals for the month

  4. That list tires me out! I'll be trying to catch up with Pretty Paper Party and I'm taking a photography course called Exposure. That's it for me until the new year.

  5. Another productive month for you! I bet it feels good to summarize all you've accomplished. Cute cards!

  6. You accomplished alot! I am not committing to any classes or projects ubtil the new year. I need to work on inventory for my Etsy shop, make gifts and possibly (maybe) look at the classes I signed up for and never did this year @@


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