Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Secret To Getting One Great Photo Of A Small Child

Back in September, when my three-year-old great-nephew was here visiting, I remembered how difficult it is to get a really good photo of a small child. I played with my camera settings and different lighting and finally came up with the secret.

The problem is that young children are often moving entirely too fast to get a clear shot.

And sometimes they just want to get too close to the camera.

Other times they refuse to look at the camera.

Or simply leave the scene all together.

They might close their eyes just when you push the button.

Or give you a fake smile.

Or even worse, close their eyes and produce a fake smile at the same time.

On occasion, there will just be a blank stare as they wonder why the camera is pointed at them again!

You could, of course, wait until they are completely still to get a great shot.

However, the true secret to capturing the perfect shot is simply . . . . . take lots of photos!

And somewhere in the midst of them will be a gem.

 Or two.

 Or three.

And, if you're lucky, maybe even four.

I know, it's really a very simple secret, but it works every time! If you have any other tips for getting a great photo of a small child, please be sure to let me know what they are in the comments. I want to be prepared next time I see this cutie pie!


  1. Hope Trey sees your post will be sure to make him smile (and Happy Birthday to him)! I think you've got it right ...lots of pics are the only way with 'littlies'
    Alison xx

  2. I hope Trey sees it too - it's sure to put a smile on his face.

    I'm right there with you - taking photos of my nephew sometimes seems impossible. But I'll persevere and see if I can come up with anything as perfect as your gems!

  3. Wonderful post Melissa. It's so true...take lots and lots of photos. Thankfully with digital pictures it's easy to do now. Love the football kick photo - too cute!

  4. You've told a great story with this post and distilled the essence of this child - would translate wonderfully to a scrapbook spread!

  5. I know what you mean - I have to take about a bazillion photos to get one or two good ones of the kids ... it is not easy!
    These are great Melissa and I'm sure his Dad will love them.

  6. This is a great post Melissa! I just went through this exact thing this morning with my grandson. But I deleted all the blurred, fake smiled, blank stared ones! Now I wish I'd kept them. Seeing all yours together made me laugh and know that it will soon make a fantastic scrapbook layout! tfs!

  7. I have so many photos of my nephews that look exactly the same! :) Blurry and fake smiles. Oh yeah, I know all about it. And as the Aunts, we don't have tomorrow and next week and next month to get the photo, we have now. So I'm right there with you, take tons and tons of photos and keep your fingers crossed. :)

  8. Lots of photos and a fast lens. I often use the sports mode on my point & shoot to take a lot of photos quickly. Also anticipating their next move so I will often focus in the spot where I think they will move next and when they get there, I snap the photo. And practice, practice, practice! I will echo the others - great post. Brought a smile to my face for more than one reason! :)

  9. Great post, and great photos. Even some of the outages are wort a scrapbook page!

  10. Hi Melissa, just trying to catch up on some blog reading. This is a wonderful post with lots of great photos all of which I'm sure Trey will find precious. He sure is a cutie :)

  11. You've done really well to capture these super four shots and this is such a great post on the subject - I agree, it would make a super double-page LO!


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