Friday, November 18, 2011

Want To See What I'm Working On?

Well . . . I really can't show you . . . because Christmas is coming up . . . soon! This week I have officially switched to holiday mode. It all started on Tuesday when I spent the day shopping for gifts and supplies to make gifts. However, it really hit me Wednesday when I pulled out all these items . . .

. . . to make the first two batches of Magic Cookie Bars - always a sure sign that the holidays have arrived.

And then I spent a little time wrapping gifts . . . birthday gifts, that is . . . since we will be celebrating Robbie's birthday this weekend.

Somehow wrapping gifts always puts me in a festive mode. So, I'm excited that I'll be using these supplies later today . . .

. . . as I assemble and wrap some gifts that start with this.

In fact, I've already enjoyed some Christmas crafting this morning using all these tools.

Later today, I'll be in the kitchen prepping my sweet potato casserole that we'll enjoy at our church's Thanksgiving Dinner this Sunday . . . and, of course, baking a birthday cake.

I'm having so much fun! What are you working on this weekend? Are you in holiday mode yet?


  1. I have the final home football game and tailgate tmw then I will be in total Thanksgiving mode. I won't hit Christmas mode until the following week :)

  2. So good to hear from you, almost sent you an email...I miss your posts!! Looks fun though. I'm working on my Grandpa memories scrapbook page...I know, WOW...she's scrapping!! :) I hope to post it later today, but we'll see.

  3. I love that top photo - it's very American to me!! Butter that comes in sticks, Graham crackers... Love it :)

  4. I will be doing cleaning and shopping in preparation for Thanksgiving. Your plans look infinitely more fun!

  5. Looks like you're having fun Melissa.....I have Kirsty home this weekend, and we are going to move the furniture around and work out where we will put the Christmas tree...not that we're actually putting it up this weekend!
    Alison xx

  6. Looks like you are super busy! I love Magic Cookie Bars. They have been a tradition in my family for years and years and it's just not the holidays without them. :) I am hanging out at home this weekend, lots to do around the house. But some crafting too! Have a great weekend!

  7. This holiday season is starting off very strange. I have most of my shopping done...which I never do this early. We are eating Thanksgiving dinner out, which will be a first. But we did put up our Xmas lights outside before it gets too cold. Seeing those twinkling little lights really puts me in the mood.

  8. You have completely put me in a Christmassy mood this morning! I think I might make some Christmas fudge now :)

    happy Birthday to Robbie

  9. Lots of things going on in your household :) Those magic bars are called Hello Dolly bars here, in fact I think there are many names for them :) have a Happy Thanksgiving! (and a happy belated birthday to Robbie)


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