Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ABC File

One of the newest extras in Stacy Julian's Library of Memories is an ABC file, basically another place to store photos in a different format in order to see connections. I did not create an ABC file during this past summer's Finding Photo Freedom workshop, but knew that I would eventually. That time came earlier this month on an afternoon that I had free and wanted to just putter away in my craft room.

I started out by creating divider cards for each letter of the alphabet using a 6" x 4 1/4" piece of white cardstock. I added a 2" piece of patterned paper at the top and then adhered a Scrabble tile to the card for a divider tab.

I chose my patterned papers simply by thumbing through my scrap bin for pieces that could be cut to 6" x 2". I placed the Scrabble tiles so they would be staggered in the file, thus easier to see and flip through.

I really like having this cutting mat on my craft table because it makes it so easy to line things up quickly. Here's a look at all 26 cards. 
 I'm using one of the drawers in the metal file cabinets I use as category drawers. I like the fact that these drawers have a "follower block" which allows items to stand up in the drawer, even when it's not full.

 I even added a cute ABC label to the drawer.

I've decided to use this drawer for photos of THINGS rather than people. I already have sections in my category drawers for photos of me & Robbie, Family & Friends, Days We Celebrate, Places We've Been, Activities We Enjoy, and Things That Matter. This file will be for miscellaneous photos of items that don't really fit into one of my other categories (or which I have duplicate prints of). I'm not sure yet how I'll use these photos, but I'm excited to have another place to gather photos in a new way and am looking forward to seeing how this project evolves.

Do you have any unique ways of storing photos?


  1. I finally developed a good system for filing on the computer this fall, but that's where most of my photos stay now. I don't print until I want the photos. I have them backed up both in the "cloud" and on an external hard drive.

  2. what a cute idea, I can think of so many uses for this box!

  3. Oh, that's so pretty and clever :) My photos are all over the place - I really ought to put a system together...

  4. Like Karen, I don't print until I need your system though
    Alison xx

  5. you sound so organised, mine are in such a mess!

  6. Awesome Scrabble tile idea!!! How fun. Organized old photos? In a tote. It's on the to-do list to do though!

  7. Very cute! I can't imagine that I would use alphabetical, I think my head would hurt from trying to process it. 2012 will be my organizing year...I hope.

  8. Your files are a work of art!! I love the tiles for the tabs. I'm still trying to get my photos organized along with my digi files. I'm using iphoto and lightroom to organize them.

  9. Wow, what pretty organization - I'm jealous. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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