Friday, December 30, 2011

The Fifth Day of Christmas - Christmas Music

BPC 12 Days of Christmas workshop
5th Day of Christmas
Photo Prompt - choose a lyric or title from a holiday song & take photos to illustrate it
Teacher - Tami Morrison
My Layout - Santa Baby Fill My Stocking

At first, I wasn't sure what to do for this layout. The idea was to choose a lyric or the title from a holiday song and watch for opportunities to take photos that would illustrate it. I had the Santa Baby song running through my head and when I got to the phrase "Santa Baby, fill my stocking . . ." I got the idea to scrap photos of the Christmas stockings we purchased our first Christmas together.

My favorite part of this layout is that the photos span ten years of Christmases. There's a photo of us in our first home in 2002, a photo of our stockings hanging in the house we rented for a short time in 2004, a shot of our Christmas decor in our little happy home in 2006 (one stocking is barely visible hanging on the side of the TV cabinet), a photo of each of us with our stocking in 2008, and a photo of our stockings hanging from the mantel in 2010.

I'm not totally sure my title goes with the journaling, but I do like the way this layout looks and will be adding it to my Things That Matter album. How about you, have you used a song lyric or title in a layout? Was it easy to choose a lyric to go along with your theme or did you struggle to make it all work together?


  1. I've done layouts about my favorite Christmas music, but never used a song title. That is a challenge, and you did great with it!

  2. That is a great page - and I love that Christmas song!


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