Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friendship & December Pass the Book

Friendship has been a recurring theme in my life this month. First, we've had several get-togethers with friends to visit and exchange Christmas gifts over the past few weeks - breakfast with our dear friends who are home from the mission field, lunch with friends we don't see often enough during the year, dinner with some friends from here in town, and an ornament exchange with 28 ladies that netted me a really cute snowman ornament.

Second, the book club I attend at our local library (where I've made several good friends over the past four years) read a book on friendship this month. We read and discussed The Girls From Ames, a story about "eleven girls and the ten women they became" over a forty-year (and counting) friendship.

Third, my dear friend Elinor's passing brought back so many wonderful memories of our eleven year friendship.

And finally, my mailbox has been filled with Christmas cards and letters from friends far and near. Some of the most exciting cards are from my bloggy friends - these new friendships have so enriched my life over the past year and a half as we've gotten to know each other through blog posts and emails and mail art exchanges and pass the book.

Which leads to this month's edition of Pass the Book:Year Two - (you might have already guessed it!) The Girls From Ames. This book is non-fiction and chronicles the lives of eleven girls from Ames, Iowa. It is truly an eclectic mix of girls ranging from the doctor's daughter to the last of seven siblings.

If you would like to a chance to be the first recipient of The Girls From Ames, please leave a comment telling me about a special friendship in your life. I'll post the winner on Saturday. [Check out all the details of Pass the Book:Year Two HERE.]

*And don't forget, I have one more giveaway coming up this Sunday as part of my Season of Giving.


  1. I'd love to receive this book. I always enjoy nonfiction. A special friend of mine is a woman I met when we were 11. We've had parallel lives, and I just reconnected with her around Thanksgiving. It was bittersweet to catch up with her, as she had just lost her father in October.

  2. It sounds like a really interesting read.

    I'm still enjoying the one I have and I'm hoping to pass it on just after Christmas, when the mail is a little easier. Hope that's okay :)

  3. I've always wanted to read this book!! I'm thankful for friendships. I think the most valuable one is the one I had with my mom. Since she passed away, all that she was to me has become so much more valuable... She knew me so well and I her. I'm thankful for all my new bloggy friendships too!!

  4. I think I would enjoy this one Melissa....friends are such an important part of life
    Alison xx


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