Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Second Day of Christmas - Christmas Trees

BPC 12 Days of Christmas workshop
2nd Day of Christmas
Photo Prompt - Christmas Tree
Teacher - May Flaum
My Layout - 3 Christmas Trees 2011

For today's layout, I used photos of the three Christmas trees we have up this year. I took these photos with just the tree lights on and printed them here at home. I followed May's layout pretty closely, however she cut a pre-printed border out of patterned paper. I created my own banner with a piece of paper ribbon, patterned paper and number stickers.

Here's a closer look at the journal block and embellishment cluster.

Every year our trees look different, and I love how these photos document which tree was in which room with which ornaments. Do you have more than one Christmas tree? Do you change them up each year?


  1. Love the banner. We just have one tree inside, but have two on our front porch and one on our patio.

  2. Yes we normally change rings around too with which colour combo we go for in each room. Yours look beautiful

  3. gorgeous! Lately we only do one tree, in the front window with all gold and red balls and garland. We used to do a second tree upstairs with all the "family ornaments" on it, but that hasn't happened the last couple of years

  4. Your trees are beautiful! Love the layout with the cool banner. One tree is enough for me! Someday if I have a family of my own and a bigger house I might just have a few trees. Love the idea!

  5. Wow - three trees that's a lot of work. They look beautiful! We just have one tree, this year we had to set it up in the basement which was different. Right now I tree usually looks the same. It's full of the ornaments my boys make and the ones we have collected over the years.


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