Monday, January 2, 2012

The Eigth Day of Christmas - Christmas Books

BPC 12 Days of Christmas workshop
8th Day of Christmas
Photo Prompt - Christmas books
Teacher - Elizabeth Dillow
My Layout - Read

I loved today's prompt because I am a collector of books, and I have a fun assortment of Christmas picture storybooks that I display under the Christmas tree each year. I enjoy reading them, especially when there are children around to enjoy them too, and I have been known to travel to family get-togethers with a couple of them ready to read.

I followed Elizabeth Dillow's layout exactly, including the quote & title. Then I added an extra row of photos across the bottom of my layout featuring the reading of some of my books.

I think this quote sums up a good book very well.

Of course, now that the holidays are coming to a close, I'm ready to put these Christmas books back on the children's book shelf in the guest room with the rest of my collection. Maybe while I'm working on that, I'll pull out a book and have a quick read, too! We're never too old to enjoy a good story.


Tammy said...

I love that quote. I re-read favorites often. Love your layout. I didn't take 12 days but it looks like it was a fun class, based on your layouts. Happy 2012! :)

MonicaB said...

Love this prompt too. This is a great quote, it's so true.

Beverly said...

Love the layout and that you have photos of reading them :)

Sian said...

Never too old..I completely agree!

Sue Althouse said...

I'm guessing you put your LOM category drawers to good use on this layout? Great page, what a wonderful topic to scrap about. Love that quote, I re-read favorite books all the time!