Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Healthy Living Update

Overall for January, I feel good about my efforts toward a healthier lifestyle and progress toward my weight loss goals. (I lost 4 1/2 pounds.)

The first two weeks of the month, I rode the stationary bike regularly. I was not as consistent the last two weeks of the month because I was spending quite a bit of time on the laundry room remodel - of course, moving everything out of that room, helping to lay ceramic tile, painting walls & trim, etc, certainly required lots of physical exertion on my part and can be counted as a form of exercise, right?

We focused on healthy eating throughout the month, doing a fairly good job of eating balanced meals about half the time. I've also been paying attention to portion sizes and cutting down on the amount of sweets I consume. I have chosen not to keep cold Coca-Colas in the house, rather I drive to the store for a nice cold can when I want one. This has definitely helped decrease the number of empty calories I'm drinking each day, although there's still much more room for improvement in that area.

If you set healthy living goals for yourself in 2012, how did you do this first month of the year?


  1. That cold coke is so yummy, but oh so devoid of anything redeeming in the way of nutritional value! I now limit myself to the occasional soda when I am at a restaurant. Nothing store bought. I only have coke about once a month.

  2. We're trying as a family to eat far more healthily....and have been fairly successful this month in cutting down on sugary things...and greatly increasing vegetable eating.I've lost 4lbs so far.

  3. Congrats on your progress so far! I definitely agree with not keeping stuff in the house. It really cuts down on the bad stuff we eat because my husband and I are lazy. If we have junk in the house that we want to get rid of but I feel bad for wasting, I have my husband take it to his office breakroom.

  4. Done good so far, a 4.8 lb loss! Weight in tomorrow and measure for MMEW!! Excited to see my measurements b/c I've heard they are apt to show more progress. Your laundry room painting looks great, love bright colors!

  5. Sounds like your doing so well, I always have plans to eat healthily but I have a dreadful sweet tooth, chocolate is my downfall

  6. You did great on the weight loss! I was doing good the first couple weeks, lost 2 pounds and then fell off the wagon BIG time and gained it back +1. So I'll be starting over tomorrow, well today. LOL
    The remodeling is coming right along, looks great!!

  7. Well done Melissa...keep up the good work...I'm cheering you on from over here! Love the Laundry room colour BTW!
    Alison xx


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