Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reclaiming My Time

Over the past couple of weeks, I completed working through all the class materials in the BPC Reclaiming My Time workshop (which started back on December 1). I filled out worksheets on How I Think I Spend My Time, How I Actually Spend My Time (which involved tracking my time for several days), How I Wish I Spent My Time, and How I Will Spend My Time in 2012. I truly enjoyed these exercises as they helped me define what I want to spend my time on this year AND how I will accomplish that.

One of the main components of this class involved dividing the thing we do into group. I started out with lots of group, however after working through all the materials,combining groups, and adding new groups for things I'd like to work on this year, I ended up with 14 groups. I then journaled about how I will spend my time this year in each of these groups.

My groups are:
(1) Robbie
(2) Spiritual Growth
(3) Exercise
(4) Organizing/Decluttering/Redecorating
(5) Photography
(6) Scrapbooking
(7) Blogging
(8) Internet
(9) Reading
(10) Family
(11) Friends
(12) Household Chores
(13) Taking Care of Me*
(14) Scrapbook Industry "Work"

Another activity in the workshop encouraged us to create a list of five main goals for the year. I actually ended up with six main goals. (These are, of course, in addition to my lifetime goal of continually drawing closer to the Lord.)

(1) Maintain a deep connection with Robbie. I don't think we should ever take our most important relationships for granted, however I have to admit this will be my easiest goal because Robbie and I are so deeply connected already.

(2) Lose 20 pounds. I believe this will be my most difficult goal, but one that I am determined to accomplish nonetheless.

(3) Work through each room/area of our home to organize/declutter/redecorate. We've already started on this as we are remodeling the laundry room (photos from that project coming soon!)

(4) Learn to use new DSLR camera. I'll be taking classes and lots of photos as I learn what all those little dials and settings can do!

(5) Work through all paid for online classes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has unfinished (or unopened) classes waiting to be completed, right?

(6) Create an online class.

I really like the way this workshop was scheduled and how it allowed us to work from how we THOUGHT we spent our time to how we ACTUALLY spent our time to how we WILL spend our time this year. I'm looking forward to tracking my progress through monthly check-ins on the message boards.

Anyone else take this workshop? Have you set specific goals for yourself for 2012?


  1. Those sound like awesome categories an goals. I have been thinking about time a lot; didn't take the class, but working on my OLW, cultivate is helping see that I can't do it all. For your weight loss, have you checked out It's a great site to track what you eat and the exercise you do. I'm there with a couple of friends and it's working great for me...3 lbs lost so far! And I haven't been able to lose in about 5-6 years. Just a slow, but sure gain. Ick. My eyes were really opened to how much I was really eating...eeek!

  2. Sounds like you are really focused! You have some great goals and I am right with you on the 20 pounds. Developing an online class sounds intriguing! I have no doubt that you will achieve all of this and more! :)

  3. Sounds like you spent a lot of time and making sure your priorities are right. I definitely want to learn more about the camera. We have lots of equipment and it is time for me to learn to use it.

  4. It sounds like you've really nailed this down - I'd be interested to know how many hours you spend a week on scrapbooking (fun & work) and internet and blogging. I have to better balance these in the New Year - they seem to suck the most "excess" hours from my days.

  5. Very interesting post, Melissa. I am sure I would see some stark reality if I tracked my time, just not sure if I am ready for reality lol I hope you share with us as you process through creating an online class.

  6. I'm with you on #3. I try to hit one area every week. Right now I'm working on the front hallway.

  7. I'm with you on the decluttering/reorganising Melissa. I cleared out the hall cupboard this week and couldn't believe how many coats, that no longer fitted the children, were buried in there!
    Good luck achieving all your goals this year.

  8. I really like those aims,Melissa....and some of mine this year are identical.
    I think I'm going to add the 'complete classes' to my list,as I certainly have a few 'sitting' on my computer.

  9. I, too, am in that class. I have done all the exercises except the last one and completing the mini-book both of which I am determined to do. I have on my lsit of things to do this week to make my daily and weekly checklist to make sure I am keeping up wiht my goals. I also ahve to narrow down my five main goals for the year. THat is a hard one for me. Love your new headshot, by the way! You look so relaxed.

    Can't wait to hear about the class you want to create!

  10. Great goals! Mine are very similar, and the weight loss is also a priority that I find very frustrating at times. I think I want to focus more on my attitude towards my time, as in, not always feeling behind and rushed to get things done. I want to feel good about the flow of my days, not necessarily how much I crossed off my to do list, if that makes sense.....

  11. I took this class two years ago, and really benefited from it. I keep going back to some of the basics when I think time is slipping away from me again. (And yes, I do have some classes I've paid for that I haven't finished . . . In one case, never started!)

  12. Great set of goals Melissa..looking forward to hearing more about the online class!
    Alison xx


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