Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Photos I Love Album

In addition to the goal of creating 12 layouts each month in the Twelve workshop, Stacy Julian has provided another year-long project for us - a 2012 Photos I Love album. The idea is to choose one photo you love each month and create a layout to include in a black & white 12x12 album along with the answers to 20 questions (provided in the workshop) and blocks of journaling about each photo. I have (of course) adapted the project to suit my tastes and will be creating an 8x8 post bound album showcasing one photo each month.

For the title block on the front of my album, I used the back of the packaging from some Jenni Bowlin Bingo cards - you'll see shortly how I'm using the actual Bingo cards.

One of the pre-class assignments in this workshop was to take photos of the numbers one through twelve. I spent a day in December walking through the house snapping photos of numbers and came up with a very colorful collage. The title page of this album uses those photos. Rather than calling my album Photos I Love, I decided on A Glimpse Of 2012 (reminiscent of the i.scrap 8x8 album I created as an introspective look at 2010).

Here's where I found my numbers photos:
1 - the spine of the first Harry Potter book
2 - on the front of a box of old paper dolls
3 - the side of a boxed set of exercise VHS tapes
4 - the side of the Connect Four game
5 - the Speedracer Mach 5
6 - bottom number on a clock
7 - a barbell in my exercise room
8 - magic 8-ball game
9 - playing card
10 - side of a timer
11 - front cover of an old Superman comic book
12 - inside page of a Bible

Each month we are punching squares of the various papers we use in our layouts. I am using these squares to create a border around the 8x8 page, then matting my favorite photo from the month on black cardstock, adding a short sentence of journaling and a Jennie Bowlin Bingo card to complete the page. The yellow bling I've added to the Bingo card is the same item I used to track my January layouts on my Twelve checklist.

Journaling reads: Here I am at the beginning of the new year 2012, relaxed after returning from our 10th anniversary cruise, wearing my new cute red leather jacket, and ready for whatever the year ahead brings.

I'm excited to get this album set up and ready for the year. I've slipped the remaining Bingo cards in the page protectors for each month and already have a pile of scrap squares for my February layout. I'll be sharing my layouts as the year continues. Are you working on any year-long projects for 2012?


  1. this is such a good idea, you're going to have a lovely album to look back on.

  2. Oooh, I love how the number pictures turned out!

  3. Those number pictures are brilliant and I love the use of the Bingo card packaging on the cover - so clever!

  4. Love what you've done here Melissa! I chose not to do this project. I've wanted to start a general "Photos I Love" album since forever ago, so rather than a mini album for 2012, I'm going to do a 2-up photo album with a true mix of photos I love from any time period. Now to just get started...

  5. very cute! I look forward to seeing all the layouts. Of course, my ongoing projects involve fabric, my ticker tape quilt for one, continues each month!

  6. I like the numbers collage. Nice Idea. Thanks for visiting.XX

  7. Love the idea of using squares of paper from your monthly projects!
    Alison xx
    PS Have posted Pass the Book!

  8. I really like this idea for an album, it was one featured in the Simple Scrapbooks magazine before it was finished up and I am not surprised Stacy has based a class around it, it is her style completely! You idea for the the numbers is excellent!

  9. Love that you found your numbers around the house....Magic 8 Ball game, now that is a blast from the past lol Look forward to watching this album come together!

  10. Love what you're doing with this album. The herringbone pattern of the album itself is gorgeous.

  11. Looks like your album is off to a great start - I still need to get on that assignment.


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