Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Healthy Living Update

Overall, February was not a good month for me in my quest to live a healthier lifestyle. It just seemed like I couldn't get going with consistent exercise and healthy eating.

Here's my assessment of what happened:
*I did not exercise regularly - I only rode the exercise bike 9 times this past month. Most days I simply did not make the time to do it.
*I did not eat healthy meals and we ate out or ordered in quite a few times. Again this is a matter of making the time to prepare a healthy meal here at home.
*I ate way more than I should & drank way too many Coca-Colas. Some of this is the fault of those cute little Girl Scouts selling those delicious cookies (seriously, have you tried a Samoa lately?)!
*We also had a few stressors this month, not the least of which was Robbie's surgery. What is it about stress that makes me want to eat chocolate?
*And in all honesty, I did not feel well many days this month. I think I had a little virus at the beginning of the month and then quite a few days of excessive fatigue for no apparent reason. (I saw my doctor this week and it appears some of these issues are related to the fact that each year my body gets a little older! She's given me something to help alleviate some of the exhaustion and believes healthier eating & regular exercise will also help tremendously.)

On another note, I did read a good book this month on stretching.

Reading the book Stretching by Suzanne Martin was a good reminder that I need to be more diligent about stretching. I also realized that the exercise tapes I have include good stretching segments and the strength training routine I used last year does too. I am hoping to work both of these back into my schedule in March along with some rides on the stationary bike. The book also had a section reminding me that stretching is important for good posture and helps keep our muscles balanced and aligned properly.

I am determined to be back at the end of March with a much better report and maybe even a little weight loss celebration! The weather is turning warmer and we'll be turning our clocks forward soon to preserve some daylight time in the evenings. How did y'all do on your healthy living goals for February?


  1. I find it's much harder to keep to an exercise routine and health eating during the winter months in New York. The cold makes me want to stay in, and I'm hungry for comfort foods rather than salads. I forced myself back to the gym this month, but I've had too many social engagements that involved food, so there hasn't been any significant change. I'm hoping for an early spring! The key is to stay the course!!

  2. We all have months like that were are best intentions get pushed to the end of the to do list. I know for me when I'm stressed my eating and exercise routine goes out the window. I hope March ends on a better note for you.

  3. I certainly stress eat, I understand completely what that feels like! I do find that regular exercise is such a big help though - start the new month afresh and I am sure things will come together a little better!

  4. Keep at it Melissa. I'm afraid my February report won't be as good as I'd have liked either. I have some good things to report but not sure about the weight loss as yet. We're out of town and that in itself wasn't good for the healthy eating.

  5. February can be a hard month for healthiness! I'm absolutely sure you will find it easier to keep going through March and into the Spring. You'll have a spring in your step very soon :)

    I don't know if it's on general sale where you are, but we can buy a vitamin supplement called Q10 here and it's brilliant for energy levels

  6. I tend to agree that winter and stress are both very bad for healthy lifestyle habits.
    I'm sure March will be a much better month.

  7. I've had a bad February too and gave myself a talking to this morning, March is going to be better!!

  8. Yay for March, is what I say! February wasn't very good for me either Melissa, but I seem to have a new outlook today- maybe it IS the thought of Spring and the heat of the sun that does it! Keep at it...if you're like me the more you stress about it, the more the chocolate seems to be needed!!
    Alison xx

  9. Better luck for March - hoping Robbie is making a good recovery!

  10. I admire your honesty Melissa, so much! And I am cheering you on in your March efforts. How is Robbie now? And thank-you so much for my lovely mail art which came today! I will be posting about it soon - just can't get the daylight to photograph your very pretty envelope and notelet. :) Thank-you! xx

  11. You are not the only one! It's usually one step forward, one step back for me so no matter what I do, I just stay in place. But my attitude is to wake up each day and say what am I going to do TODAY to be healthy. If you have a set back, don't dwell, just keep moving forward! :)

  12. Melissa, reading your post reminded me to pull myself up for healthier living and some exercise. So, hopefully March will keep us on track.

  13. See, I'm glad you linked up with my post, I've somehow missed commenting here!

    I love good reads that inspire me. And I love stretching and yoga. I do a few simple moves every night to help me unwind my tight shoulders/neck and hip area. It does wonders and I can tell when I don't do it. We are not getting any younger!! I'm trying to get my DH to stretch more.

    It will be a tricky month now in March with birthdays and spring break fun, but we'll see how things go!