Friday, February 17, 2012

LOM Album Re-Organization

I originally set up my Library of Memories system two years ago and have truly enjoyed the freedom it has given me to scrap inspirationally (rather than chronologically). In fact, I shared a photo of my brand new LOM albums in my very first blog post in the spring of 2010. The LOM system allows me to store my layouts by topic rather than chronologically. (You can see the journey my layouts take before they reach these albums here.)

This past week I embarked on a re-organization of my LOM albums. Originally I had decided on six main categories for my LOM systems, however I found that I needed to tweak these a bit in order to more fully customize them to fit our lives and the way I scrapbook. I now have five main categories, some of which have expanded into multiple volumes due to the number of layouts I've created in the past few years (and the addition of some created before my system was set up!). Here's a look at the albums on our memory shelf.

As I was working on my re-organization, I set up new albums, updated the spine labels (I had used very thin string to tie the circle tags to the binder clips, so I updated that with thicker embroidery thread), and added section tabs to several albums.

My first category is Robbie & Melissa (this is the category Stacy Julian - creator of the LOM system - calls All About Us) and is represented by the black and white albums. I currently have three albums in this category. The first album houses layouts about me and Robbie since our marriage ten years ago. This album is divided into three sections - Together Forever, Robbie, Melissa. Rather than create section pages, I have opted to put divider tabs in the album to aid in navigation of my albums.

The two solid black albums house layouts about us prior to marriage. For now, these albums include layouts in ANY category that are stories/photos about the time period before we were married, however I may change this and integrate these layouts more fully into the system as these albums fill up and I continue to live with my system.

The three pink albums are my Family & Friends category. I originally had many layouts about our family (& especially my nieces & nephews) integrated into our other category albums, however I decided I wanted those albums to more fully reflect our story and have these family layouts grouped together. I ended up with three albums - one for Family & Friends and two for Nieces & Nephews. The first album has tabs with sections for Family layouts and Friends layouts.

Although they are still part of this category, I decided to change the name of the next two albums to Nieces & Nephews. The layouts in these two albums are in roughly chronological order, however it wouldn't be uncommon to find a layout with a story from 2007 after a layout with a story from 2010 next to a layout with photos spanning four years. I created a title and dedication page for the first album, and then just a title page for volume 2. (These match my original title & dedication pages - I pulled the sketch I created at the time, making it quick & easy to put these together.)

My third category is Days We Celebrate (the blue album), which has section tabs for anniversaries, birthdays, and various holidays.

You may have noticed that some holidays are missing, for example Valentine's Day and Halloween. This simply means that either we don't do much to celebrate that holiday or I haven't scrapped any layouts about it yet. The other huge omission is Christmas and that's because I decided to give this favorite of my holidays its own album and color. The red album houses Christmas layouts in roughly chronological order. Since this was a new album, I created a title page & dedication page for it also.

And because this album is practically full, I went ahead and created a title page for volume 2 so I'll be all ready when it's time to add a second Christmas album.

Our green album houses layouts for the Places We've Been category. Currently these layouts are also arranged in somewhat chronological order, however I'm pretty sure I will eventually go through and categorize these layouts into sections based on the type of place - Historical Site, Texas city, Places Around Town, etc. The album is not quite full, so I'm going to live with it a little longer before deciding on sections.

I do, however, have our Travels Abroad separated out into its own album (the dark maroon on the right of the 2nd shelf). We have traveled abroad three times together, and I have scrapped each trip with a different background paper to designate the sections in this album.

My final category is Things That Matter and incorporates many aspects of our everyday lives - home, vehicles, food/eating/ cooking, hobbies, etc. This album contains the most section tabs, and I'm looking forward to adding additional layouts throughout the course of the year as I have a huge list of ideas that I've created based on inspiration in the current Twelve workshop.

The best part of this re-organization process was the fact that I got to enjoy all my scrapbook pages as I reviewed what was in each album! These albums are one of the Essentials in the LOM system. I'll be reviewing/updating/reorganizing another essential, Category Drawers, over the next couple of weeks.


  1. I love seeing how you have all your layouts organized! So much better than mine... no surprise there!

  2. I love the way LOM is flexible and adaptable, just as you showed in your post! I started my blog with LOM, just like you, and also spent most of last week doing some tweaking and re-arranging of my albums. Almost scary how we are on the same track!

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    I spent a few days reworking mine last summer but I feel the need to do it one more time.
    It wasn`t going so well because I was short of new albums to do a good job with it.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. This looks like great organisation,Melissa

  5. I'm with Sue - weird that we are on a similar track! About two weeks ago I spent a day sorting and filing over a year's worth of finished layouts into their albums... and in the course of doing so, realized where I was falling short, and where I was very soon going to need additional albums. This week I ordered and received two new albums from Scrapbooking Alley. Once I finish LOAD, I'll be getting all those layouts printed and doing a little re-org myself!

    favor to ask... on the "prove you're not a robot"... is there anyway to change the type of words they give us... I can never get those twisted ones right and end up doing the verification two or three times to get you my comment...

  6. Thanks for sharing. Never seen this system before. Makes sense.

  7. Fun! I can't wait to be on track!!

  8. This is something I REALLY need! I wish she still offered that class. Bummer!
    Your library looks wonderful Melissa!

  9. This is great, Melissa! 12 has prompted me to do some organizing, too. I had to divide some of my LOM albums into new ones and label the ones I have. I don't have cute labels yet, but at least I have a start. I need to find some more bookshelf space for my growing collection.

  10. Melissa - you could write a superb primer on this if ever LOM needed a refresh! Your organisational skills are second to none

  11. Melissa - thanks for sharing, what a great post. I love the way you have adapted your LOM albums to suit you. Your system looks great.

  12. I've never taken LOM, but have Stacy's two books and always enjoyed her theories when she was at Simple Scrapbooks magazine. Would you say this was a system worth adopting, even though I put all my layouts, about anything in any time frame in the one album and just get a new one when the old one is filled?

    PS The word verification thing has changed through none of my own doing on my own blog ... did that happen to you too?

  13. Oh, it's gone from yours now ... do you change the settings?

  14. The word verification on blogger has changed in the past week or so - I've noticed it on several blogs. I changed my settings today to make it easier for you to leave comments. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. This is so organised. I just keep mine in yearly albums, plus a Book of Me and my family Tree layouts in a separate one

  16. You are one of the most organised people I know Melissa!!
    Alison xx

  17. Thanks for the encouragement. I am on the same 12, LOM journey and loving it too! Shalom. Lisa

  18. Great post! So interesting to hear what works for you. I love that LOM is a "system" that can be flexible and adaptable to anything you need it to be. Once you have it set up, it's so easy to tweak! Once I get settled and have some time, I want to do this same thing. Thanks for the reminder! :)


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