Thursday, April 12, 2012

28 Sketches - the first three

The last day before registration closed, I decided to sign up for the BPC 28 Sketches Workshop by Lisa Day. Each day a new sketch is delivered to my inbox; some of the sketches are for 12x12 layouts while others are for 8 1/2x11, some single page and some double page. There are 15 sketches so far, however I'm quite a bit behind on creating layouts, so I only have three to share today.

Sketch 1 - Holiday Food Prep (12 x 12 one page layout)

Journaling reads: The menu may change from holiday to holiday and year to year, but there are some things that always appear - pecan pie, praline sweet potatoes, green beans & orange jello salad! Thanksgiving 2010

Sketch 2 - Thanksgiving 2011 (8 1/2 x 11 one page layout)

It's a little hard to see in the photo, but I wrote our menu for the day on that wavy brown cardstock at the bottom.

Sketch 3 - Curb Your Enthusiasm (12 x 12 one page layout)
Journaling reads: On a recent visit to check out some antique shops with Mama & Daddy, Robbie must have spent too much time looking and deciding what to buy because we came out of the store to find Mama & Daddy sitting on the curb, tired of standing around waiting for us. I snapped a photo to scrap & Robbie immediately thought of the title!

I really like the simplicity of these sketches and am looking forward to using the other 25 sketches over the next several weeks. Anyone else taking this class?


  1. Fab pages Melissa - and what a brilliant title for the thirs one, which is also my favourite.

    I know US dishes are different from UK ones, but I've never heard of Orange Jello Salas - what on earth is that? Main? Side? Dessert?

  2. Not in this class, although I've taken plenty of other ones with Lisa. Are you finding the sketches inspiring? I wasn't sure... I can never leave things as I find them! Will you be taking 31 Things with Ali?

  3. Love that title! Every one of your lovely pages always tells a good story. That's why I love to come here and see what you've been doing

  4. Great LOs and stories..another great title by Robbie!
    Alison xx

  5. Nicely done on these three - I am in this class also and I have only completed 1 page and have yet to photograph it. I have noticed that Lisa is getting a little more complex on the sketches now that we have hit the halfway point - I hope that continues - we've had a good warm-up (well some of us more than others - wink, wink).


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