Monday, April 30, 2012

April Pass the Book Recipient

The first recipient of Creative Stamping for Scrapbookers is
who commented
You'd would think with my extensive stamp collection that I could get more stamping on more pages, but I don't. So, yes, I'd love a chance to read this one before passing it on to a sister stamper. The last layout I stamped on was this one - - and I used a simple dotted circle stamp to highlight bees on my paper. Surely I could learn to stamp more than that, don't you think?

Susanne, I have your address on the latest Mail Art Exchange list and will get this book in the mail to you this week.


Alison said...

Congrats Susanne...I'll be stalking this one I think!
Alison xx

Ginger said...

That looks like a fantastic book and I'm disappointed I missed the post! I need to pay more attention :)

Congrats to Susanne :) I shall be waiting to see when it's your turn to pass the book!

Sian said...

I think I'll be keeping an eye out for this one too. Enjoy, S!