Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

We are enjoying a nice relaxing Easter Sunday today, just the two of us, feeling blessed & thankful for a Savior who died and rose again.

We celebrated yesterday with my parents and several cousins here for a meal and an Easter egg hunt for a cute little 20-month-old cousin. One of the things I enjoy doing when we are having guests over is setting the table, and yesterday was no exception.

It doesn't matter to me if it's just the two of us or a full table, I always enjoy using our china and pretty dishes and cloth napkins and tablecloths and placements. In fact, I recently created a layout to document this ritual.

I've had several requests for a photo of my hair now that it is 12 inches shorter, so I'll leave you today with a photo of me and my "short" hair.


  1. Really suits you Melissa. Love that you have made a LO of table setting,I took photos at Christmas but it is something I need to do more of.
    Happy Easter to you both - Enjoy x

  2. Happy Easter to you both!

    Your hair really does suit you

  3. Happy Easter my friend! Enjoy your quiet day, just the three of us here as well

  4. Your hair looks super Melissa (and you look a lot happier underneath it than the photo on March 13th! It suits you :o)

    Love the page about setting your table - another art form I think!

  5. The hair DOES suit you Melissa...and you have some lovely tableware!
    Happy Easter to you both!
    Alison xx

  6. Love the new Hair cut! You look wonderful. Great idea to document your table setting. I always pull out my china for birthdays and holidays. I hate the idea of it just sitting in the cabinet waiting for "the right occasion."

  7. The haircut is great! It looks so fresh and ready for a new season!

  8. I LOVE to set a nice table! Love using mom's china and red goblets. Lovely new hairstyle.

  9. I love setting the table and should do it more often. I love the haircut, thanks for following up on the pic request :)

  10. what a great photo of you, Melissa! You look great with the new haircut! (Love the tulips in the background too. Yellow tulips are one of my favorite flowers)

    Happy {belated} Easter!

  11. Love this photo of you :) The cut looks lovely!


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