Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finding Fun (Walking) & April's Twelve Photos

Carolyn's 6 weeks of Finding Fun has begun, and the first week's theme was posted last Friday - Walking. We had a "free" day on Saturday, and I immediately set to work planning a fun day which would include a walk in nature. I also decided to incorporate my Twelve Photos into the day (because unlike Jan, Feb & March, I did not take my photos on the twelfth of April when the prompts came out on Dozen Day in the BPC Twelve workshop). I have to admit I took a very broad view of the prompts in order to make them work for the day, but that's ok because it was totally FUN!

1. Your Kitchen Sink - here we are, ready to head out for a day of fun & walking.

2. A Flower - this one comes with a bonus butterfly!

3. A Mobile Device - Robbie enjoyed some reading time using his Kindle.

4. An Appointment - our only appointment that day was with nature itself.

5. A Friend - me & my best friend ready to hit the trail.

6. A Gift - almost a year ago, a friend gave me this fantastic tube of bubbles & I thought this would be the perfect day to try it out.

And, of course, I can't resist adding this bonus photo to show the results.

7. A Tool - we used our new mini-tripod "tool" to take this photo of us with President Eisenhower.

8. Organization - because of Carolyn's inspiration to plan some fun, I used my organizational skills to be sure we had some delicious chicken salad sandwiches to enjoy. (And Robbie used his culinary skills to make the chicken salad!)

9. Friendly - I think these six butterflies were having a nice friendly visit.

10. Tired - even though we've had several rains this spring, last year's drought conditions were still evident along the trail.

11. Errands - stopping along the way to pick up some fresh fruits & vegetables is the closest thing to an errand we did that day.

12. Progress - I made some progress on coloring this page in a fun activity book while we were resting at the picnic site.

I'm looking forward to seeing what fun Carolyn has in store for us over the next five weeks. Be sure to check out her ideas for Walking Fun here.


  1. Your photos are amazing, you've really captured the day. Wow the photo of the flower & butterfly is amazing

  2. What a really cheering, uplifting set of pictures! A good day.

  3. I adore the appointment photograph - it has such joy to it!!!
    Technically, I really like the errands one and the flower + butterfly.

  4. Lovely sights on your walk, the butterflies are pretty and the vegetable shop displays things so much prettier than mine!

  5. A wonderful set of of photographs. I love the bubbles, my kind of fun! All those butterflies together are amazing.

    Thanks for joining in and I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Love how you took the bubbles with you!

  7. Any day that you can get out and enjoy nature is a wonderful day in my book. Looks like you had fun on your walk and getting your 12 photos.

  8. That looks like such a great day out!

    Melissa, I've sent The Writing Life on to Cheri - not sure how long it will take to cross the Pacific, but it's on its way!

  9. Looks as though you you managed the fun bit!
    Alison xx

  10. great photos, glad to see you were organised!!

  11. Great photos! It's so nice to see a set around one lovely activity.


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