Saturday, May 26, 2012

May's Twelve Photos - Southfork Ranch

I had fun using the Twelve Photos prompts to capture images on our recent visit to Southfork Ranch. In fact, I had so much fun that the true challenge was deciding which twelve photos to share today!

1. Your Shadow - Here I am standing with Robbie on the balcony that was often seen in the TV show Dallas (most noticeably when Kristen was pushed to her death & when JR & John Ross dove off it during the house fire).
2. A Tree - Here's a view looking out from that same balcony with a nice shade tree in the center and a little bit of the pool visible. The pool is actually much smaller than it looked on TV - they used wide angle lenses and placed mirrors in the pool to make it appear larger.
3. Golden Light - This ranch was only used for filming exterior scenes during the show Dallas, however, now that it is a tourist attraction, the interior has been decorated to reflect the lifestyle of the Ewings. I found this golden light in one of the powder rooms.

4. Growing - These pretty flowers are growing near the pool area outside.
5. Something red - The kitchen is decorated in a brilliant red hue.
6. Something big - Jock Ewing's 1978 Lincoln Continental is on display in the Lincolns and Longhorn apparel store.
7. Supplies - Each bedroom inside the ranch house is decorated to reflect one of the Ewing characters (JR, Bobby, Miss Ellie & Jock, Lucy). This lovely tub room is off JR's suite and contains all the important supplies for a luxury bath - towels, soaps, drinks, fruit, etc.
8. Directions - We were careful to follow these directions while strolling around the grounds to see the miniature horses, Longhorn cattle, and saddle horses.
9. Delicious - Even though these are fake desserts, they certainly look delicious!
10. Done - Here's the sign we saw when we were done with our tour.

11. Important - There were several of Larry Hagman's scripts on display in the museum. I enjoyed seeing how he highlighted and made notes of important sections.

12. Exciting - We toured the ranch on a very slow Monday morning, so the tour guide moved the ropes to the living room so we could get this shot of me & Robbie sitting near the fireplace. The cast was filmed here 13 years after the series ended for the Dallas:Return to Southfork reunion.
BONUS - a neat crafty idea I discovered while we were there. Our tour guide was working on her wedding invitations, creating them herself, and she showed me how she was wrapping them in white paper doilies which she was then going to tie with twine.
Of course, we took a ton more photos on our tour. Let me know if you're interested in seeing some of the other rooms in the house and I'll post some of those in the next week or so after I've processed the remaining photos. We're currently counting down to June 13 when the new Dallas TV series begins. The cast was here at Southfork filming earlier this year, so it will be fun to watch for some of the places we just visited to appear in the episodes.


  1. amazing how you can make even a trip to Southfork exciting! LOL great pictures my friend

  2. How exciting for you and Robbie. You two sure don't lead a boring life. GREAT photo share. I loved it! Can't wait for the next Dallas!

  3. Yes! I would love to see more. This was a lot of fun.

  4. Great pics Melissa....more wouldn't go amiss!
    Alison xx

  5. Thanks for the mini tour - I would love to hang out longer in that kitchen - love the red! Real red rocks!


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