Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pass the Book Recipient

The first recipient of this month's book,

Cheri, I have your address and will get this book on its way to you shortly.

Remember the Pass the Book:Year Two page has a list of the books that are currently out. If you have a book, please click over & check that the information is correct. I've updated the page with all the new information I have today, so if you see any errors please email me.


  1. Wahoo!! Can't wait to see it and I know this will be a great one to pass on as well. Ginger confirmed receipt of The Writing Life, so it is with her now.

  2. I am finishing up Sabbath this week and will be passing it on. I have really enjoyed it and have reread parts of it, thanks for a book I would have otherwise have missed.


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