Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dimensional Details The Expanded Edition

One of my all-time favorite classes at BPC (along with Finding Photo Freedom, of course) was Nic Howard's Dimensional Details workshop in 2010. That class is being re-run as part of the 4Experts series this year, and I couldn't resist joining in again. Even though much of the material is the same, Nic has added additional information & techniques as well as created new layouts following the step-by-step directions from the original class.

As is often the case with classes at Big Picture, there was a pre-class handout and instructions for a layout. Here's a fun layout I created showcasing a photo of Robbie holding one day's worth of mail packages he received after a recent eBay shopping spree.
The directions called for a cluster of embellishments, but I loved how this dimensional Pooh sticker looked all by itself.

Anybody else joining in for this round of Dimensional Details?


  1. I thought long and hard about joining this class. I really wanted to. But the timing was just not right for me - way over committed this Summer! So ultimately, I took a pass.

  2. Fab Pooh Bear classes for me over the summer- too many visitors!
    Alison xx

  3. Wonderful colors! I need to finish a few outstanding classes before I take on any new ones.

  4. What a fun page. I thought about taking Nic's class too - I just wondered about how much new content there could be - since I can have a short attention span at times. I'm sure I'll see so many blog posts about it that I'll be kicking myself. Oh so many classes, so little time.

  5. That is quite a haul! Love your title and Pooh! :) I took this class the last time and loved it. Some of my favorite layouts ever were created. But I couldn't swing it this time. I wanted too....but job hunting is my focus right now! I hope you'll be sharing more creations with those of us who missed out this time.

  6. A seriously cute page! The title gave me such a smile.


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