Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Brake For Scrapbook Stores

When I stopped in our local scrapbook store recently, I picked up a sheet of Vibrant 2-sided patterned paper from Authentique's Lively Collection, and I couldn't wait to use it. I flipped through my storage binders to find a photo and story that I thought would go with it and set to work. This photo was taken on one of our trips last summer and represents something we do on most of our trips - locate & visit scrapbook stores.

I used several different letter stickers (including some Tiny Type & Thickers) plus some Scrabble tiles for my title.
I included my journaling on tags I cut from kraft cardstock & stuck them in this pocket from Little Yellow Bicycle's Saturdays Collection.
My question for you today is - did you notice anything different in today's post? Well, maybe two things?


  1. Great subject for your page? Is that a new blog header?

  2. Lovely page....I wish we had more to locate and brake for!!!!!

  3. great layout! new background???

  4. Brilliant! What a perfect title.

    Is it a new header? or is the text a different colour?

  5. I like all the different letter types you used for the title.

  6. Love those scrabble letters! Very pretty papers too. Scrapbook store hunting sounds fun!

  7. hmm I don't know what's different. Maybe I still need to wake up a bit! I do the same thing with quilt stores so I totally understand

  8. Would the different things be the close up shots of your layout?

    Great layout and I love seeing the details. I'm also looking forward to seeing more of your new scrap space!

    Always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Love the title Melissa...unfortunately there aren't any here to brake for!
    Alison xx

  10. I'm trying to use up what I already have, but we've been known to plan a route that includes a scrapbook store. I will be visiting an Archivers on our road trip as I use their binders and need several! Other than that I hope I don't see too much temptation! Great topic for a layout.

  11. Hi Melissa, I can see that your photos are a larger size, they line up with your text and the photos have great colour.

    I also wanted to let you know that I have finally got around to watching your video - well done!

    I really enjoyed your video, I thought you spoke at just the right pace, you were clear to hear and understand. I also like how you used your hands, it cleverly added personality to the video as cutting to your face would have been awkward.
    I liked how you put the pages on a white background rather than the cutting mat - but I did think the lighting was a little dark - it seemed to improve when you showed the Lincon Logs page - can you adjust the white balance for video, like you do for photos? The colour took on a yellow tinge which affected the clarity of your layouts. This always happens to me inside - we have yellow based paint.

    All in all I think you did a wonderful job, especially since this was your first effort!

  12. Fabulous layout! Such a great way to document this reality. I used to visit scrapbook stores all over when I traveled for work. But so many of them closed. They are so hard to find these days. But there's a good one here in Orlando so I'm happy. Love the new photo header! :)

  13. LOVE this layout! I brake for them too! I am so blessed to have a LSS in my city and work there part time! It's not too terribly far from you. You should gather up some friends and make a day trip out. It is a fabulous store with TONS of goodies! check out her website catscreationsscrapbooks.com. The store also has a FB and blog catscreationsscrapbooks.blogspot.com

  14. I really like how you did you journaling on the hidden tags.
    Your video was great too, btw.


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