Sunday, August 12, 2012

July's Twelve Photos - Birthday Gifts From Robbie

I was a little disappointed that I didn't take a day to capture the list of items on July's Twelve Photos handout in the BPC Twelve workshop. However, as I pondered this dilemma (should I just skip it or should I take the photos now in August or did I somehow have 12 photos from July that I could use), I realized that I could use photos of my birthday gifts from Robbie. He always goes a little overboard, so it was fairly easy to find something to go with each prompt (although admittedly some are a little bit of a stretch!). Here's a look at the overall haul.

And here's my interpretation of the twelve prompts:

1. Something in Motion - a Splat Clock for my new craft room. It looks perfect on those yellow walls and makes me smile every time I glance up to check the time!

2. Sweet - a birthday cake Robbie had waiting at the Bed & Breakfast in Taos.

3. Words - I can use lots of words talking on this new phone for my craft room.

4. Refreshing - new supplies my stash are always refreshing.

5. Your Summer Shoes - a fun pair of Crocs!

6. A Seasonal Fruit - some of the names of these inks are perfect for this prompt (Lady Bug, Tangelo, Cantaloupe, Dandelion, Pear Tart, Cottage Ivy, Bahama Blue, Danube Blue, Lilac Posies, Grape Jelly, Rich Cocoa, Tuxedo Black).

7. The Inside of Something - inside this box, I found a lovely bracelet that I had admired at Hallmark a week or so before my birthday.

8. Something White - this white sheet of paper displays the new alphabet stamps Robbie secretly picked up while we were browsing a fun stamp shop in Santa Fe.

9. Nature - a dozen roses were also waiting at the Bed & Breakfast in Taos.

10. Your Keys - the old typewriter keys on the front of this reading journal remind me of my days in typing class. And there are keys (well, buttons really) on the bottom of my new Kindle in that green cover!

11. Parts and Pieces - Crazy Crayon Disks made from shaved pieces of crayon. These will be fun to use in my art journal!

12. Entertainment - something fun, just right for playing!

What do you think - did these items fit the prompts? The August list of prompts comes out today, and this time I plan to snap photos before the end of the month creeps up on me!


  1. A very inventive way of using the prompts.That's a lovely birthday haul.

  2. sure they fit! What a lucky girl you are

  3. This is fun! Yes, you definitely fulfilled the prompts with your birthday gifts

  4. Fun gifts, and I love the Splat Clock. What a sweet husband you have.

  5. Brilliant did good- both with the pressies and the prompts!
    Alison xx

  6. They certainly do, Melissa! Isn't he lovely to you? I really like your crocs!

  7. Most definitel! Have you used the play doh yet?

  8. Wow, what a fun fun post for your Twelve. I love the splat clock, your crocs, the bracelet, EVERYTHING!
    The Play Doh caught my eye right off too. Tell the truth, who plays with that? I've love to get my fingers in it and sculpt itty bitty play doh critters! I often play with it when I have the grandsons.

  9. Wow - you had quite the birthday! Love how you adapted your gifts to fit the theme. And that clock is so cool! :)

  10. Awesome job Melissa :) I think Robbie deserves a "good job" as well on the birthday gifts!


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