Sunday, September 30, 2012

LSNED - week three

I'm still striving to read and enjoy the prompts in Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class. (See my Week One lessons here and Week Two lessons here.) While I haven't been able to read the prompts each day, I am making my way through them and comparing them with my activities and lessons for each day and sharing my thoughts/lessons in weekly round-up posts. Some days my lesson is directly related to Shimelle's prompt and other days it takes a totally different course.

15th - Shimelle declared it the second New Skill Saturday of the month and discussed how it is often cathartic to start with a clean table when learning something new. While I didn't have any crafty time this Saturday, I was able to stop by a local scrapbook store that is (unfortunately!) going out of business and pick up quite a few new dimensional embellishments. I was also reminded of the lesson that I like to clean up after every layout so I start each new project with a clean space.

16th - Shimelle encouraged us to think about how our relaxation time on Sunday differs from the rest of the week. This particular Sunday for me was extremely busy as I arrived at church early and stayed a little later as we are promoting our upcoming ladies' retreat. I rushed home to gulp down a hamburger and change clothes before heading to a friend's house to set up for the baby shower I helped coordinate for our pastor's wife, which turned out to be a great success and I was reminded that I truly enjoy organizing events despite how tired I might be when the clean up is all over. Here's a look at the diaper cake I made as a gift and the baseball themed decorations we used for the shower.

17th - Shimelle encouraged us to try memory tracking to think about one thing that used to be a significant part of our lives but is no longer part of our daily routine. My thoughts actually turned to the fact that something that is not a routine has been encroaching on my life this year - jury duty. I have received three jury duty summons this year and have had to report twice. I spent 7 1/2 hours today going through the selection process before finding out I had not been chosen for the week long trial (YIPPEE). I came home and just needed to do something fun, so I completed a mini-album from the little advice cards we had ladies fill out at the baby shower the day before. This activity reminded me that is therapeutic to do something creative after a stressful day.

18th - Shimelle encouraged us to think about simplicity in our lives and in our page designs. My day was filled with errands, but in the middle of that I hosted my monthly book club and was reminded that it is so enjoyable to sit down and discuss a book with others who have read it.

19th - Shimelle encouraged us to change up our routine and reminded us of the quote "if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got." While I like the idea of trying new things, this prompt reminds me of the fact that I like routine.

20th - Shimelle encouraged us to think about our signature color or signature elements of our personal style. It will come as no surprise to many of you that yellow is my favorite color, it makes me happy and has been my favorite color as long as I can remember!

21st -  Shimelle encouraged us to think about those days that need a do-over, those days that just need to be left in the past (or recorded in a journal for future contemplation) and the day started over tomorrow. Today was a little bit of a catch up day for me and I was reminded that I should schedule catch up days on occasion in case there are things I need to do-over.

I'm hoping to complete the final week's prompts and lessons in the next day or so. How did you do this year with LSNED?


  1. Didn't do so good with LSND this year, but I did keep a notebook. When I have a bit of time, I'll start doing a mini-book for this year.

  2. Love the diaper cake you made and the Advice cards are adorable.

  3. Really enjoying these posts, Melissa. A little glimpse of your daily life. That 'cake' is amazing!

  4. your life seems so busy but I love the way you still manage to embrace so much.

  5. Another thoughtful, enjoyable post Melissa. I'm another one who likes to clean up after every layout and start afresh. It's a good feeling!

  6. These are such great prompts and I love how you've applied them to your life. Great food for thought here!

  7. Great lessons! I am almost done with my album - one more lesson for today!


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