Thursday, September 27, 2012

LSNED - week two

I'm back with week two of Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class. (See my Week One lessons here.) This year I am following along with Shimelle's prompts and will be sharing my thoughts and what I've learned each day here in a weekly round-up post. Some days my lesson is directly related to Shimelle's prompt and other days it takes a totally different course.

8th - Shimelle declared that Saturdays for the rest of the month of September would be New Skill Saturday and encouraged us to learn a new skill. The only new skill I learned on this particular Saturday is how to participate in an online chat (in the Dimensional Details workshop) with classmates who are in the same room (at the 2nd unofficial BPC Texas Get-Together). Honestly, it takes a lot of concentration to keep it all together considering the amount of online commenting, in person commenting, and volumes of laughter going on at the same time! So, my lesson for the day is that online chats and live commentary are great fun together.

9th - Shimelle encouraged us to think about lessons we've learned through listening, whether it be lessons we learned from our parents or listening to family stories or phrases you heard so often you learned them. I spent the day driving home from the BPC Get-Together, and then Robbie and I caught up on all the little details of our days apart that we couldn't fit into the numerous short phone calls, and I was reminded that it's always feels good to come home!

10th - Shimelle encouraged us to make a list of ten things we had learned from (a topic or person of our choice) and share it as part of the monthly Ten Things link up on her blog. I have been reading the prompts several days (or a week!) later this month as I strive to keep up with all the busyness in my life, so I actually posted ten photos of a great stamping store on my blog that day. However, Shimelle encouraged us to think about our reaction to creating lists. I already know I am a list maker - I love lists: to-do lists, books read list, layouts completed lists, etc, etc. My lesson for this Monday at home after several days away with friends who cropped well into the night was a reminder that I require more than four or five hours of sleep a night.

11th - Shimelle encouraged us to look back at our photos and pick a few favorites to help us analyze our photography habits. Robbie has always enjoyed photography, and with the anniversary of 9-11, I was reminded of a photo he took that week back in 2001. He propped up a photo he had taken in 1987 from the Staten Island Ferry of the World Trade Center and placed one of his Superman statues in front of it. Today's lesson is - We will always remember!

12th - Shimelle encouraged us to think about the lessons that make perfect sense to us even if they sound like a mystery to everyone else. All I can think to say to that is SAIDOK.

13th - Shimelle's topic for today was all about lessons learned the hard way and/or negative memories. She also discussed how we often leave these less than happy events/lessons out of our scrapbooks and that's perfectly ok. Over the past year or so, I've been trying to record some of the lessons I've learned as I look back over my life, things I wished I'd understood earlier in life or done differently - you can see an example here and here. My lesson for today is that it's never too late to apply the lessons we learn.

14th - Shimelle encouraged us to think about what we can learn by looking at the change of seasons. This time of year always means back to school to me, even if I haven't been in school or taught on that schedule for the past five years! However, I am currently writing curriculum for an upcoming ladies' retreat at our church and as I was doubting my abilities I received a phone call that reminded me of my lesson for the day - when God gives me a message to teach, He will confirm it in a multitude of ways. [If you want to see what the retreat is all about, click here to watch the promo video one of the youth at our church helped me put together.]

Another great week of prompts and lessons, even if I am a little behind in recording them. Are any of these lessons ones that you've learned or needed a reminder of recently?


  1. I've never done an online chat - that would be a good one for me to learn too.

    This made for a great read today Melissa - honest and thoughtful but chatty and newsy at the same time. Just the kind of post I like.

  2. Love getting a peek at the prompts. I'm not doing LSNED this time around, so I really enjoy your posts!

  3. You're doing great with LSND, and I enjoyed reading about your week. The Superman statue in front of the World Trade Center makes one think that we are in dire need of a super hero right now.

  4. I seem to have lost a day this week . .. need to go find it.

  5. The chatting sounds fun! and I especially enjoyed your learning on day 13 - I really need to remember this and get down to it :). Thank-you for a peek into your learnings - I'm not doing LSNED this year, so it's lovely to read yours.


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