Friday, September 21, 2012

Reflections Captured

Some of you may remember the reflections photos from our cruise - photos where we captured the reflection of one or both of us in a mirror, window, sunglasses, etc. I was disappointed when I looked back through all the photos from our cruise and couldn't find one photo of me reflected in Robbie's sunglasses (although there were several of him reflected in mine). We finally decided it was probably because Robbie is taller than me and that angle doesn't make for good reflections.

On our trip to Taos this summer, Robbie once again captured his reflection in my sunglasses - this time while we were on the chair lift at the Taos Ski Valley.

I also discovered that I had (unknowingly) finally captured my own reflection in his sunglasses. Can you see me there?

I love making these little discoveries when I'm processing photos and deciding which ones to print for scrapbooking. Have you discovered any treasures in your photos lately?


  1. I really like this. Little treasures indeed

  2. Definitely little treasure! I sometimes find cool bits in the background to photos.

  3. Hooray! So pleased you got your reflection in at last :)

    I can't think of any specific examples right now but I know I've sometimes been viewing my photos to choose which to print and I've spotted a happy accident in the background, or facial expression, or position of the subject!

  4. I've seen my shadow in a photo but never my image. Cool!

  5. Oh I love finding little surprises in photos when you give them a second look too.

  6. I love your photos and reflections in the sunglasses Melissa! I've found some interesting things in the backgrounds of my photos that I didn't notice through the view finder. It's always fun to find those little gems.


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