Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Have You Passed The Book?

I'm trying to get everything updated on the Pass the Book: Year Two page, and I need your help. If you currently have a book or have recently passed one, please check the list below for accuracy and then please leave a comment verifying the information or letting me know if I need to make updates! Also, if you're still hoping for a chance to read one of these books, be sure to check the updated page in a few days so you can watch for it to be passed!

1. (Aug 2011) Sharing Your Story was returned to me by Deb of Deb's World. Thank you!!
2. (Sept 2011) Raw Art Journaling is with Fiona of Fiona's Flotsam. (This book should return home next!)
3. (Oct 2011) Tantalizing Textures is with Linda of Linda's Photo Blog and will soon be on its way to Sue of Me & Mine. (This book's next stop should be back home!)
4. (Nov 2011) Scrapbooking Your Faith is with Valerie of Adventures with Valerie.
5. (Dec 2011) The Girls From Ames (new book) is with Missus Wookie of Missus Wookie's Wanderings and she is ready to pass it on. Click here for a chance to be the next recipient.
6. (Jan 2012) The Writing Life is with Ginger of Ginger's Life of Spice.
7. (Feb 2012) The Artist Unique is with Monica of Quest to Perfect Imperfection and will soon be on its way to Beverly of Be Glorious.
8. (March 2012) Sabbath is with Beverly of Be Glorious and she is ready to pass it on. Click here for a chance to be the next recipient.
9. (April 2012) Creative Stamping for Scrapbookers is with Alison of Life in the Slow Lane.
10. (May 2012) Lifted is with Alison of Life in the Slow Lane and will soon be on its way to Jemma of Just Jimjams.
11. (June 2012) Art Journaling (Winter 2011) is on its way to Cheri of Scrap Dreams.
12. (July 2012) Trading Card Treasures is with Elizabeth of Journaling by Lizzie and she is ready to pass it on. Click here for a chance to be the next recipient.

Please note that if you have a book, there is no rush to pass it on - the last month or so has been crazy around here and I just want to be sure I haven't missed something! :>)


  1. I have a correction for #12. I have Trading Card Treasures, and I will be ready to pass it on soon! Probably this weekend.

  2. Hmmm...guess I was being nudged by Holy Spirit. I started working on a blog post for this book (#4 Scrapbooking Your Faith) tonight and in doing so saw your post! I will publish in a few days.

  3. Wow, what an interesting set of books you've sent on their way, Melissa :) Having been out of the blogging loop for a while I've also missed out on the chance to register my interest in some of these, so I shall have to start following them round a bit and hope for my chance to read a couple of them!

  4. I sent on the Girls of Ames to Sian from High in the Sky back in August.

  5. Yes, I have Girls From Ames and i genuinely did think I'd let you know I'd got it. I'm so sorry..I have just about finished it and I want to make a layout or at the very least think out a thoughful post about it before I pass it on.

  6. I thought I did notify you that I passed on #12 to Rinda. My apologies if I didn't let you know.

  7. I was just thinking about The Girls From Ames and wondered where it was!! Thanks for the update on this fun adventure Melissa!

  8. Hi, Melissa. this isn't about Pass the Book, but back in January, you showed an interest in following along with my Christmas organisation posts. Well, look out tomorrow for the first of my Christmas Plan-along posts, C-Day minus 10 weeks at
    Hope to see there

  9. I have "Lifted" from Alison - still using it though ... hope to pass it on next month if that's OK

  10. The Artist Unique is not with me, it was sent to Beverly a few months ago.

  11. hi Melissa :) I actually do have the book you mentioned above and I am a little embarrassed to say that I have had it for quite some time. I will try to get a post on it soon :)
    Thanks for pointing me to your post :0

  12. oh man, I am horrified, it was bad enough that I haven't mailed Sabbath to Stacey but in reading the comments I see that I have The Artist Unique. I am so sorry, I will post a Pass the Book for it tomorrow. It looks very interesting so maybe I'll add it to my wishlist. Thanks for getting my attention Melissa.

  13. This is such a lovely idea. I have received Tantalising Textures from Linda and will be returning it to Melissa soon. Thank you.
    Sue x


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