Saturday, November 24, 2012

Final 2007 Layouts

I've finally emptied my 2007 storage binder and memorabilia file. Here's a look at the beginning of the year. I am particularly pleased with this layout as it is my very own design, no scraplifting or challenge to start with.

Journaling reads: We began the new year at the Douglas Fir in Banff after a week long trip to celebrate our 5th anniversary. We drove to Calgary on New Year's Day, enjoyed a nice lunch and went to see the movie "Eragon." We stayed that night in Calgary and flew home on January 2nd to begin what would be a year of changes.

Mid-year we took advantage of a gift certificate for a free weekend at our favorite Bed & Breakfast. I had asked the owner to let me keep the certificate and had it safely stored in my memorabilia file.

Journaling reads: Our first visit to Fall Farm in the fall of 2005 was so relaxing that we returned numerous times in 2006. When Carol heard that we both graduated that year, she gave us a free weekend, which we enjoyed right after my birthday in 2007.

I didn't have any photos for the final week of 2007, so I had to improvise for this final layout.

Journaling reads: We enjoyed a nice quiet week at home to close out 2007. We watched all three Lord of the Rings movies, played a couple of games of Scrabble on our anniversary, met up with friends for dinner and a movie (Enchanted) one evening, built a bookshelf for our paperback books, and spent New Year's Eve at a friend's home watching movies and toasting in the new year with sparkling grape juice.

I found a photo of the bookshelf in my LOM Category Drawers and printed a photo I had taken in 2010 of the boxed set of movies to help tell the story of that week. We often play games and typically keep a score pad in with the games we play most often. I decided to try my luck and pulled out the Scrabble game. I flipped back through the pages of the little notebook to find the score sheets for the two games we played that year - the perfect memorabilia to finish out this layout.

I was even happier to discover that I had won both games! :>)


  1. Great pages to finish up your pages for 2007! What a lovely gift you received from the owner of the inn, and I love those score sheets!

  2. I'd never try to go back to 2007, I have enough trouble keeping up with the current year! I think it's great that you want to scrap as many years as you can. That's neat you kept the score sheet from the Scrabble game for that year.

  3. you are very brave! Well done.
    I finally started to just scrap from where i am now. Although i do have files on my computer that go back to 2004 and I have boxes of photos beyond that. Someday!

  4. It must have felt wonderful to finish up that album and spend a little bit of time reliving those good times; and especially that free weekend!

  5. What a great find - we used to keep all the pads but then they got decluttered. Congratulations on finishing up your album and using that memorabilia - and on winning both games :)

  6. Great ideas! Love the starting and ending pages. Great snapshots of what life was like in that moment. And I always love how you incorporate your memorabilia! :)

  7. That is an accomplishment and I can imagine an awesome feeling, congrats! i love your layout design, you should be proud :)

  8. Wow those are great layouts Melissa! I especially like the first one (I recognize those mountains :)


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