Sunday, January 20, 2013

Frontiers of Flight Museum

A couple of years ago, I surprised Robbie with a trip to the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas. We enjoyed seeing the Apollo 7 Command Module and the variety of aircraft on display, and (of course) took a ton of photos. I recently scrapped my favorites using one of the sketches from the BPC Double Take class. (I've been slowly re-working my way through the sketches and other inspiration in this class.)
I like that this sketch allowed for quite a few photos, but also left room for a little patterned paper on the sides and two small embellishment clusters in the bottom corners. I also added a couple of strips of washi tape along the bottom.

My goal this year is to utilize the inspiration from classes that I've taken over the past three years (as opposed to signing up for new classes). Teaching part-time and coaching in the Finding Photo Freedom workshop will keep me pretty busy the next four months, so I know I will not have time to keep up with a live class right now. However, there's lots of inspiration in the forever-access classes I have from Big Picture Classes, Shimelle, Jessica Sprague, and Masterful Scrapbook Design. What are your plans for online classes this year?


  1. I love the way you have laid out your choice of photos here - we get to see the exhibits, but there is nice emphasis on the two of you as well.

    I'm not going to buy any new classes this year if I can stay firm. I'm going to revisit old ones instead too

  2. I, too, love online classes. In fact, I'm a few classes behind. I've printed out all the materials and plan to take it with me on an upcoming trip where I'll have a lot of time to myself to "catch up." Besides that, 'm pretty busy with my own classes, so I'm planning on "just saying NO" to further online classes. I can't guarantee I'll hold firm!

  3. I'm taking a class in Photoshop locally that starts this week. I've also signed up for Jessica Spragues PS for Bloggers class since I'm so bad at updating my blog sidebars, etc. I resisted a new card class, and am trying hard to resist a class on using an external flash though I really need it. I'm also taking two year-long classes--one on writing and one on photography (just one lesson/prompt per month). I, too, have several classes I need to revisit and finish.

  4. I"m working on finishing up classes I already bought, but I'm continually drawn to new ones as well!
    Love the red, white and blue in your layout.

  5. Really like the balance of photos here - nice to see the two of you. Wookie & Ewok loved the Air & Space museums in DC & would probably love this one too. I'm considering the LOM alumni but may just work through the community board challenges. There are so many classes I've either not finished or know I could go back and do again profitably. Trying to stick to that idea of just OLW.... Need to finish the ones I'm teaching too of course! We'll see what I end up doing :)

  6. Looks like a fun day! Fun page. I also slowing waaaay down on new online classes. I need to use what I've learned in all the ones I've already taken.

  7. Great selection of photos, I like that you used so many but still were able to have some pattern and embellishments. No new classes for me in 2013..I think lol


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