Sunday, February 17, 2013

Challenging Myself: Pre-Printed Patterned Papers 6

Today's layout is one that I've had on my list of things-to-scrap for almost two years. The photos were taken on Thanksgiving Day 2010, however I wanted to use these shots to connect that day with a memory of my childhood.

I started with this pre-printed patterned paper, however as I began putting the layout together I realized the dark green along the left side didn't go with my layout . . . so I simply cut it off and mounted the remainder of the page on a piece of cardstock.

I even handmade an embellishment for this layout from one of the patterns in the 102 Ideas for 3-D Embellishmentsinspiration book my sister Brenda sent me a few weeks ago. This cute little apron was perfect for a layout about Mama's chicken & dumplin's.

I also had fun creating the title with various letter stickers and some canvas banner pieces that Robbie gave me for Christmas.

Now if I could just figure out a way to get Mama to make chicken & dumplin's more often, I would have it made!


  1. Since I'm all about the story, I'm most impressed with how you took an old picture and crossed it with a recent story. The absolute perfect marriage! And the layout is great too. I'm going to make your little apron (or at least put it on my list) for an upcoming layout I'm doing about my grandchildren and a cooking challenge. It's not happening until this summer, so I'll jot down the idea for later use.

  2. It is so creative the way you take a pre-printed page and make it into something original. I haven't had chicken and dumplings in quite a while. Sounds good right about now!

  3. Whilst it is never the same - make sure you have the recipe for those times Mama isn't available to cook :)

  4. Great page - you are doing a fabulous job with all these pre-printed sheets!


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