Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Reading

I exceeded my goal of reading six books in January by two books. Here's a review of the two additional books and a peak at what I'll be reading in February.
One of the movies that we watch each year at Christmas time is The House Without A Christmas Tree, which we have on VHS. It's one of Robbie's favorites, however it took a few years before I decided I really like it. It's a great story, but the older movie just seems to move very slow. We always see in the credits that this movie was based on a book by Gail Rock, and this year Robbie took time to find a copy of the book for me. The House Without a Christmas Tree is a great read, quick & easy. Of course, the characters were already "cast" in my head since I've seen the movie so many times (which stays very true to the book). However, I enjoyed reading a little more about the characters and absolutely love this quote where Addie is describing her Grandma: She was particularly expert at whittling down the worn edges of a garment and making it into something smaller. When one of her flowered cotton housedresses began to wear out, she would hack out the collar and sleeves, and it would suddenly be a slip. When that started to go, it became a bib apron and then a smaller apron, and then a dust cap for her hair and then a quilted pot holder...and in its final incarnation, the tiny remaining scrap would go into a patchwork quilt or a braided rag rug.

I'm not sure where I got my copy of Out of Your Comfort Zone: Is Your God Too Nice?by R. T. Kendall (probably someone gave it to me at some point), and I really had no idea what to expect from this Christian non-fiction book. In all honesty, I did not enjoy the book and do not agree with some aspects of theology that were presented in it. I should have been forewarned when the Foreword to the American Edition was written by someone recommending the book even though she did not totally agree with the author. It also seemed to me that the author was on the defensive, rather than writing what he believed he seemed to constantly assume that the reader would not agree with him (which, in my opinion, does make for a good read).
Here's a look at the six books that I've chosen to read in February, all of which came from the To-Read pile beside my bed.
 The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung by Laurence Yep
 The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis 
Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore
Remember Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury
What's on your reading list for February?


  1. I read the Screwtape Letters many years ago!

  2. Wow you did a great job on your reading list! For February I want to finish some of the books I started in January - the Alchemyst and Last Child in the Woods

  3. My Mum counts The Screwtape letters as her favourite book.

    I love that phrase about "whittling down the worn edges" - thank you for introducing me to it

  4. I loved The House Without a Christmas Tree because that was my era. I even looked like the little girl (glasses and such.) I have read the Screwtape Letters--maybe three years ago. I have a Kindle Fire and manage to read about a dozen books a month. Most of them are free books from authors I might not read if they weren't free.

  5. My reading list for February:
    1. The LOAD layout prompts (okay those are videos)
    2. Finding Photo Freedom class info
    3. Info from my other online classes
    4. My camera manual.
    I think that's plenty to keep me busy!

  6. Wow, good for you for reading that many books in January! Right now I am reading a book called Devoured. It's a murder mystery taken place in London in the late 19th Century and shares how forensic medicine began. After that I might read Room. I have so many books on my shelf and I've been slacking a bit!

  7. Oh we read that Yep book (and many others) during Sonlight's American History cores. Princess in particular read lots of extras and it was always good to find an author she liked.

    Screwtape Letters is a favourite, there is a Q tongue in cheek version my Dad quotes from too.

    Reading for Feb?

    Reading the Bible Again for the First Time - Marcus J Borg
    A whole new mind - Daniel H Pink
    Why we get fat and what to do about it - hmm forgot the author.

    Plus rereading and rewriting the coursework - combining a couple of courses into one and removing the duplications and things that aren't happening is fun but hard work.

    Look forward to the reviews after.


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