Monday, February 11, 2013

January 2013 Art Journal Page

I've created monthly overview layouts each month for the past few years, however I hadn't planned to continue that this year. Then the final January weekly challenge in the Library of Memories Community was posted. Stacy Julian encouraged us to journal our thoughts about January. So, I took a few minutes on February 1st to journal my thoughts and saved them on the computer.

Then while I was blog hopping, I saw Karen's January art journal page and was inspired to try something similar. I started with this journaling:

Then I pulled out some stamps and colored pencils and ended up with this page.  The letters spelling out January are those stamps Robbie got me for my birthday last summer.

Along with my boxed journaling, I included these two lists for the month:

Read 8 books
Saw 2 movies:  Lincoln & Last Stand
Watched 13 episodes of The Waltons Season 2 

Watched  final 3 episodes of Last Resort  & 1st episode of Dallas Season 2
Creative Pursuits:
Crafty Tuesday at Ellyn’s
1 get-together to scrap with Michelle
1 online chat in the Library of Memories Community
4 layouts created
12 blog posts published

I'm not sure if I'll do this every month, but I have to admit that I enjoyed putting this page together. Are you planning to document each month this year in some way?


  1. It looks excellent! Yes, I'm thinking maybe I'll continue my "What's Hot and What's Not" every month through the year.

  2. a great month despite your sickness... so glad to be included in so many pieces of your January! I did document my creative finishes with a blog post....

  3. I'm always interested in folks' monthly summaries, and like Cheri pointed out on my post, it's so fascinating to see us use the same materials and ideas and yet come up with such different interpretations.

  4. Your layout page is great! I'm not one for making lists--just don't see the appeal for me. I think there must be something wrong with me because everyone seems to be doing lists! I can never remember how many times I'v done something, or remember to record the books I read, or anything like that.

  5. This is a great review! When things change so fast, it's so nice that we have a way to document and keep track of it all. Love this page! :)

  6. Love how your layout turned out IS amazing how quickly things can change!
    Alison xx

  7. I really like how you have captured what has happened in your month of January and I like this format. You have some numbers here, but you have done some reflecting too and I like that :)

  8. I love this idea and that you did it in your art journal! I've been wanting to do something similar as part of OLW and this has given me some great ideas. Thanks, Melissa!

  9. Hope you are feeling 100% and that the new job is going well. I always enjoy seeing other people's review pages and occasionally think of going back but it doesn't happen. I'm enjoying flicking through the completed PL:Gratitude pages though and seeing the photos slide into the monthly title pages too.


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