Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Days of Seeking Direction Through Art Journaling

This past week I've done quite a bit of contemplating which direction I want to take with various opportunities, and I've also been playing around with a little art journaling.

Monday I was reading and enjoying a recent Somerset Studio publication (The Art of Paper and Mixed Media), which is full of inspiring photos and articles. So, that evening I pulled out a few supplies and started playing around with creating an art journal page. I used some spray mist over an alphabet template, then colored in the background with colored pencils.

And since I had already been contemplating ways to use some of my old book pages, I ripped a page out of one of the books and cut out a dress. With the addition of some patterned paper scraps, that dress led to the creation of a girl (who you'll see turned up in all my pages this week).

Each day I played around with a few different supplies. Tuesday I tried some stamps, more patterned paper scraps, and markers.

Wednesday evening I was anticipating an outing the next day with a friend - a photography date at the Arboretum to enjoy the Dallas Blooms (photos coming soon!). So, of course, I had to use that great camera stamp I got last year and a couple of flower stamps.

After a day of sunshine, blossoms, photography, and friendship, I started my page Thursday evening by using a die cut and mist in the corners (then adhered the die cut piece in one corner).

And finally today I pulled out my Crazy Crayon Disks to create a bright background as the starting point for this page where I'm wondering what's next.

I've had fun pulling out some seldom used supplies this week as I've contemplated where I'm headed with my scrapbooking and blogging and writing and speaking and teaching and just life in general. I do believe this form of journaling could be addictive!


  1. I love them all! but you were right, the one with the doors is my favorite. Would love a print of that to hang in my sewing room... just sayin...

  2. These look great, wish I could doodle or even draw to be able to do something like this, I would end up with stick figures in a square house with a green apple tree and rainbow over head, about all I ahve ever attempted to draw!

  3. I love these. It makes me want to make a whole clothesline of clothes cut from print!

  4. Love them - especially the doors and the bloom ones. My mother was also planning a trip to the Dallas Arboretum - would have been really interesting if you had run into each other! I guess the question now is... did all that art therapy provide you with any answers?

  5. Hope you find the answers. You're looking for Melissa
    Alison xx

  6. I love that art journaling encourages me to pull out some mixed media supplies I've had for years, but rarely use. I love the way you've used the book pages, and I'm another fan of the page with the doors.

  7. It sounds as if the first shoots of spring have really got you thinking about change..

    I'm with Rinda. I love your dress up dolls and they have me thinking about cutting out some more clothes :) Lovely!

  8. These are lovely pages and some great sayings/thoughts too.

  9. There is a Q saying, 'way will open' usually paired with 'moving forward in faith' or 'seeking clearness' talking about that searching for not just what we might want to do but what we are meant to be doing...

    Missed these posts last month so just found them - hoping you've found clearness and way is opening for you. I'm doing a lot of searching myself at the moment.


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