Sunday, April 28, 2013

A War Memorial, A Playground, and Bluebonnets

Remember last month when my friend Ellyn and I spent a morning practicing our photography skills at the Dallas Arboretum's Dallas Blooms? Well, that was just the first of what we are planning as a monthly inspiration outing - a time to get together and just take photos and find inspiration in the world around us. A few days ago, we enjoyed our second outing - this time we didn't go far, just visited a local park and a grocery store! I'll be sharing photos from our day in several posts. Here's a look at what we saw at the park.

A War Memorial (with the flags at half mast to honor those who lost their lives in the explosion in West, Texas, the previous week)

A Playground (Have you ever noticed how many protective bars there are on playgrounds these days? I don't remember it looking like this when I was a kid.)

Bluebonnets (Texas State Flower)

Ellyn made a point to capture a photo of her shadow taking a photo of me taking a photo . . . just like the one she accidentally shot on our first outing. (I believe this just may become our signature photo for inspiration days!)
BTW - did you notice that colorful cover on my camera strap? Ellyn made that especially for me! Thanks Ellyn!!

I'll be sharing more photos this week, so be sure and check back to see the water, the wildlife, my "job" during these outings, Ellyn's quilt, and the produce!


  1. some great shots there Melissa, I would love to have a photo buddy to get me up and out and encourage my photographic skills.... I looke forward to seeing more shots of by you and of you! Another perk of taking a friend!

  2. looks like fun! Jay and I had another day at Longwood Gardens on Friday. Haven't even looked at my photos yet!

  3. I love my photo wanders - taking along a friend is such a neat idea. Playgrounds are fun colours these days too.

  4. How lovely to have a play date! I like the idea of the shadow and the photo and this could be a great feature :). I absolutely see what you mean about the bars ...I guess the protect-me-or-I-will-sue culture plays a part ...

  5. What fun! I love going off on a photo shoot with a friend, but my photo buddy and I have been traveling at different times, so we haven't been in a while. Love the colorful shots of the playground, and the memorial is very striking.

  6. I love that picture of you among the blue bonnets - simply beautiful!
    And the monument is very moving.
    A photo outing with my big camera is well overdue.

  7. it was such a fun day! I need to put together some more posts about it too...


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