Friday, April 26, 2013

Glitter Girl To The Rescue

It's been a while since I've spent any online time with Glitter Girl, but her recent episode inspired me to try pulling a small group of supplies together (along with my photos) to create three layouts - without adding in other supplies along the way! I have to admit that I pulled out my photos first and had them in front of me as I was choosing papers, otherwise I followed along with Glitter Girl's process and ended up with three completed layouts.

No matter where we are, I'm always drawn to Coca-Cola displays like this one at the snack area of the Frontiers of Flight Museum. I did pull a couple of additional items for this layout - the Coca-Cola logo and the trading card (which Robbie added to my stash a while back).

The second layout looks completely different but actually used a couple of the same supplies (which was the point of the challenge, right?). The blue numbered paper across the bottom is the reverse of the small strip of red, white & blue paper on the previous layout, and I used the blue polka dot washi tape on both layouts.

Here's a closer look at the journaling.

The last layout uses elements found in both of these first two - patterned paper scraps, the red banner peaking out from under the tag and the yellow washi tape. (I did add the Scrabble letters to my supplies because the alphas I had pulled out weren't working for me!)

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first. I've never really used kits, so this limiting of supplies is always different for me. However I really needed a little boost to get scrapping and I'm so glad I took the chance and tried something new. I enjoyed this process enough that I'm planning to work on another set of three layouts using the same method. Have you tried this practice of limiting your supplies to create a set number of layouts? What do you like and/or dislike about it?


  1. These look really good. I'm planning on trying this next time i go to a crop.

  2. I've done this is the past, but I always allow myself to switch something out like you did with the Scrabble tiles if something just isn't working. This seems to have worked just fine for you!

  3. Great layouts, Melissa. I really like that second one. Isn't it great when you can find something to give your creativity a boost and get you scrapping again. You know I am a big believer in using kits, because I can always add a little extra in, if need be. Limiting supplies really helps most scrappers focus better. I'm glad you are going to try it again.

  4. I must admit I rarely do this....but when I do always manage to make pages much quickly than I'm not constantly faffing about choosing and changing stuff!!
    I would choose the photos first as well....I virtually always do whatever type of page I'm making.

  5. It definitely worked for you! I'd choose my pics first as well otherwise it would frustrate me. I am hoping to get caught up on my blog reading this week and get back to blogging myself. I was so excited to have a great mail day today, thanks to you!!!

  6. Yes, I have been doing this for a while now after I worked out that what inspired me most was a small selection of favourite items. I love to pull a couple of colours together and choose some embellishments to go with them and then just get stuck in.

    I'm very drawn to that Coca Cola page. Lovely!

  7. I like the way you've put together that first page with the enjoy at an angle.

    I tend to limit myself purposefully - try to stop faffing about and just start, once I start I can swap things if necessary but I like to be creative with my first choices.

  8. I really want to try this aproach and the one she has right after but not sure when I'll get to it. Trying to get ready for NSD and at least a few hours of the house to my self! Might try to pull stuff to work on then.


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