Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quick Cruise Layouts

I've almost completed THE SHIP section of our 10th Anniversary Cruise Album. These two layouts came together very quickly as I was filling in gaps in that section. The first one showcases a cross-section of the ship that I cut out of a brochure, while the second layout features photos of us touring the ship.

I've really enjoyed working on these cruise layouts lately, however my inspiration is waning so I may take a break and focus on other photos for a while. That's one of the things I love about scrapping non-chronologically - I can work on whatever inspires me at the moment!

Do you find yourself stopping in the middle of a project and picking it back up later or do you just have to complete an album before moving on to the next one?


  1. Love these! I went on a cruise once and may share a story and souvenir in the next "precious" story for Sian's storytelling series.

  2. Yet again you show how much fun it can be to keep brochures and leaflets :)

    I'm happy to be a non-chronological scrapper too

  3. I love all the bits you kept from your ship and think it's a good idea to stop for a while and go on to something fresh

  4. I tend to be all over the place in my scrapping. Until I get to that "nearly done" space and then I just want to finish!

  5. Awesome pages! I love how you did the ship map page!

  6. Great pages! I got this awesome envelope in the mail today!!! Thanks so much for the happy mail and the goodies.

  7. I'm with Cheri - I go with whatever inspires me, until I'm almost done and then I want to finish it off :)

    That is a cool picture of the ship!


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