Friday, April 5, 2013

Something From Almost Nothing - Stickers

I'm amazed at how much inspiration I've found in Shimelle's Something From Almost Nothing class and I'm only up to prompt six, which focuses on stickers. Like many scrapbookers, I have an overabundance of stickers in my stash so I was excited to use a few of them in response to this prompt.

I had a pirate-themed sticker sheet that I received in a gift package with lots of others stickers this past Christmas. Honestly I had no idea what I might do with it until I remembered these photos of tour boats we saw on one of our cruise stops.

I decided to flip through one of my embellishment notebooks and pull out a sticker sheet to use for more layouts inspired by this prompt. I ended up pulling out two stickers sheets (Dad-themed & talk bubbles) along with a die cut sheet that had the word "celebrate" ready to punch out.

I used a bunch of the Dad-themed stickers, three talk bubbles, and the "celebrate" die cut on this next layout. (I even used the remaining piece of blue paper from the die cut as mats for my photos!)

It was fun including a bunch of stickers from one sheet on a page.

Here's what was left from my original supplies.

I put the talk bubbles sticker sheet back in my stash, but decided to use some of the remaining stickers from the Dad-themed sheet on this next layout for our cruise album. I cut the stickers apart so I could make the words work.

No on would ever guess from the resulting layout that these stickers came from a Dad-themed sheet!

This left only a few remnants on the sticker sheet . . . and I threw those out! Yep, I just tossed those few remaining because that sticker sheet has been in my stash for four or five years. I feel great that I was able to finally use most of the stickers and I'm thrilled to add these layouts to my albums.

Have you used up any sticker sheets lately? Please tell me I'm not the only one with an abundance of stickers in my stash!?!


  1. I love that middle layout! Plus, what's not to like about pirates.

  2. Nope I'd never have guessed those were Dad themed stickers - well done on recycling those.

    As well as a lack of blue brads I have a lack of stickers - I've purged almost all. Well almost all, there are still thickers and oooh maybe a dozen other 'themed' 7 Gypsies and some border/shapes from other brands.

    Let's not talk about how many packets of thickers I have....

  3. Great use of all those stickers and the photos of the tall ships are lovely. Must be a good feeling just getting rid of things!

  4. Other than letter stickers, I purged my stash and sold/gave away 98% of it a few years ago. Looking at old layouts with sticker sneeze prompted me to part with them. While I love what you did with your stickers, I can't say I regret my decision!

  5. Hi Crop Queen! I've been catching up on some post Easter blog reading and it's good to get here and see what you have been up to. As always, when I've had a break away from the computer, what comes across so strongly about you is the sheer enjoyment you get from your scrapping. It's so infectious! I hope you both had a lovely Easter and some Easter treats came your way

  6. I have tons of stickers never used... including a bunch of London ones. I buy them and buy them and don't use them. You'd think I'd learn! Good use of yours...

  7. Oh yes!...I have stickers aplenty- in fact I have the speech bubble ones!....great layoutsMelissa-well done on using up old stash!
    Alison xx

  8. Melissa I have been meaning to comment on all your stash busting posts recently it has been amazing! I must work my way through that Shimelle class again and see if I can be as creative! xxx

  9. I love being able to use up a sticker sheet or a piece of left over paper. You are giving me inspiration! Thanks.

  10. You've done a good job with these stickers, but like Cheri, I've gotten rid of most of mine. I've kept a few that might come in handy with grandchildren and I have a nice collection of letter stickers which I do use on scrapbook layouts.

  11. Especially love the Dad LO. I have so much paper scrap stuff that I fear I will not use now I am digi scrapping

  12. Love seeing the word stickers on the edge of a photo like that. And I also love how you clustered the other word stickers on your Dad's page. I took this class long ago. I may need to revisit it! :)


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